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the acid reflux diet

Acid Reflux or its chronic form “gastroesophageal reflux disease” (GERD) remains a common medical concern among Americans. In a staggering medical study, medical researchers stated based on the current population, over 20% of the nation was dealing with mild/severe GERD [1].

This number demonstrates the impact acid reflux is having not only in America but in the rest of the world too!

This is why the Acid Reflux Diet has become such a prominent option for patients with acid reflux or GERD. Let’s take a look at what the Acid Reflux DIet entails, what you can eat, its benefits, and whether or not it can help with long-term relief.

What is the Acid Reflux Diet?

a woman with acid refluc holds her stomach

In its purest form, acid reflux (heartburn) involves the body’s digestive juices and their involuntary movement up into the esophagus. In a healthy human being, these acidic digestive juices will remain in the stomach to help digest food but those with a weakened system don’t retain this benefit.

The digestive juices start to creep up into the esophagus and that causes immediate irritation. For those dealing with this around the clock, it ends up being diagnosed as GERD.

The common reaction to this condition is to automatically rush for digestive tablets or avoid spices.

While those are useful solutions in solitary moments, it becomes important to tackle the root cause and make immediate changes to your diet. Until this happens, you’re going to remain in the vicious cycle for a long time to come.

It’s important to look at a solution that’s useful and that’s where the Acid Reflux Diet helps. The diet is designed to make sure the condition is kept at bay forever.

The diet comprises of hand-picked organic foods, probiotic-rich foods, fiber-intensive foods, no grains, and high-quality protein intake.

As long as the diet is followed, it can start to have a profound impact on how the body reacts to your food consumption. It will lessen the irritation and make it easier to digest food without the acids creeping up into the esophagus.

What Can You Eat on the GERD Diet?

a bowl of yogurt on the table

1) Kombucha
2) Bone Broth (Beef)
3) Kefir
4) Yogurt
5) Coconut Oil
6) Apple Cider Vinegar
7) Coconut Water
8) Pumpkin
9) Squash
10) Artichokes
11) Milk Cheese
12) Cucumbers
13) Asparagus
14) Green Leafy Vegetables
15) Ghee

What Not to Eat if You Have Acid Reflux?

a glass of beer

1) Caffeine
2) Alcohol
3) Sugar
4) Artificial Sweeteners
5) Fried Foods
6) Salt (Excessive Amounts Only)
7) Carbonated Beverages
8) Chocolate
9) Vegetable Oils
10) Milk 11) Spice

Benefits of the Acid Reflux Diet

1) Helps With Acid Reflux

The primary reason to go on the Acid Reflux diet is to treat acid reflux!

This is one of the most effective and highly recommended diet plans for individuals with GERD. It tends to relieve the symptoms and make the root cause disappear. Isn’t this the goal at the end of the day? The Acid Reflux diet has been penned with a lot of care and research.

a man with heartburn holds his tummy

It’s a complete protocol and that’s useful when it comes to getting healthier and eating the right way to improve your digestive system.

The beauty of this diet plan is it’s going to have a positive impact on your health as well and it’s a comprehensive solution in general. It’s going to bring about a change that’s meaningful, safe, and efficient.

For those wanting to get rid of their acid reflux, this has to be the first diet plan on your mind.

2) Ideal for Your Digestive System

Your digestive system is resilient and able to handle duress but this can start to fall apart on you over time.

If you continue to put pressure on the digestive system and drink alcohol, eat sugary foods, and simply don’t follow an appropriate diet plan then it’s going to start to have an impact on your health. It’s important to look at your digestive health with a keen eye so you don’t fall ill.

If you’re not focusing on your diet, the digestive system is going to take the brunt of the damage.

the digestive system

This is why the Acid Reflux diet is such a winning combination of foods and beverages. It is able to rectify the issues with your digestive system and bring it back into balance again. It’s important to invest time into this diet plan because of its wide array of advantages.

Nothing else is able to match up with this and that’s why it’s important to stay focused.

3) Keeps Toxins Away

The toxins in your body can start to ruin your health and make it impossible to avoid acid reflux.

This is why preventing the development of toxins in the human body is pertinent. According to medical research done on the Acid Reflux Diet, it is able to help keep those toxins away and make sure the digestive system is running in top shape.

If you add bad foods into your diet, the entire body is going to be impacted and that’s the last thing anyone wants.

4) Promotes Healthier Choices

There is nothing more important than bringing structure to your eating and that’s where the Acid Reflux diet is a winner.

It is able to add structure to your life and make it easier to choose the right foods. Most people understand the value of eating “right” but don’t know what that actually means. With the help of this diet plan, it’s easier to get onto the right track and stick to it for a longer duration.

A healthy choice is never a bad thing and the added benefits only make it better. This is why most people pursue the Acid Reflux diet and believe it has a tremendous impact on their health.

Can Weight Loss Cure GERD?

a woman shows off her weight loss results

One of the questions people have has to do with weight loss and its impact on GERD.

This is a good question and indeed it is possible for weight loss to have a positive impact on your GERD.

The reason excessive weight is detrimental to your health has to do with the pressure it puts on the body’s organs and that includes anything associated with your digestive system.

Excess weight tends to pressure the abdomen and lead to stomach acid leakage in people. By reducing the weight, it’s like unbuckling a tight belt and releasing some of that pressure on your abdomen.

Even if the added weight is not the primary cause of your acid reflux/GERD, it is still one of those issues that remains a hindrance. You don’t want to promote added weight and it’s important to get slimmer for a number of reasons including stomach acid leakage.

Ignoring this is a major concern and shouldn’t be the approach a person takes moving forward. It is important to eat well, calculate your caloric intake, and follow this diet plan from day one.

Final Thoughts

The Acid Reflux diet is a wonderful protocol and a great way to get this problem under control as soon as possible.

Medical researchers, dieticians, and nutritionists have all sat down and listed this protocol as a must. It’s one of those necessary diet plans that is going to bring relief to your life. For those who are dealing with a mild form of acid reflux, this is a diet plan needed to keep things in check.

If nothing is done to make changes, the acid reflux will develop into full blow GERD and that comes with significant irritation.

Take the time to write down the requirements and get started on this diet immediately.




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