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Best Diets for Women to Lose Weight Fast

We all know how hard it can be to lose weight – if only it were as easy as packing it on!

With so many diets on the market, and new ones popping up everyday, it can be even harder knowing where to start your weight loss journey.

Fortunately, there are some proven diets for women out there that have stood the test them time, can help you reach your weight loss goals fast, and are affordable – you just have to know where to find them!

Below, we’ll detail a few of our top-rated diets for women, so you can decide which one is going to work best for you.

what is the cost of the nutrisystem program

Nutrisystem, the top-rated diet on our list, is one of the first places you will want to consider.

There a number of different reasons that we recommend them, but here are just a few of the factors that make this program one of the best:

  • IT WORKS: Right now, they can help women lose up to 13 pounds and 7 inches during their first month on the program!
  • EASY TO FOLLOW & STICK WITH: Just follow their plan and eat the food they send you, and you should be on your way to smashing your weight loss goals!
  • CONVIENENT: Their meal delivery program sends you almost all of the food you need for the month right to your doorstep – say goodbye to all of those grocery store visits!
  • AFFORDABLE: Nutrisystem plans for women start at less than $10 per Day – compare that to your last grocery store bill and you’ll see how affordable it can be!

Ready to finally reach your weight loss goals?

Right now is a great time to join Nutrisystem!

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Knowing Where to Start

a few meals from phase 2

When you first begin your search for a weight loss program, it’s important to know the options that are out there, so you can decide which type of program is going to be a good fit for your lifestyle and goals.

While these aren’t necessarily “official” categories, here are some of the different types of programs I have tried, and have had success with:

1. Meal Delivery Diets

With a meal delivery diet, you have the option of selecting a program that delivers most of the food you will need for the month, right to your door.

While they take more of an investment up front – most are going to cost about $300 per month or more – they take a lot of the guesswork out of dieting, and send you pretty much everything you need to lose weight right to your door.

These type of diets are going to work well for you if:

  • You Like the Convenience of Having Your Food Delivered
  • You Like an Easy-to-Follow Plan
  • You Hate Going to the Grocery Store
  • You Can Follow a Plan and Stick With It

Our Top Meal Delivery Diets for 2018

There are several options to choose from these days in the delivery diet space, but here are just a few that we recommend:

1. Nutrisystem

find out why Nutrisystem is our top rated diet

Nutrisystem is probably the most well-known meal delivery diet on the planet, and they have a long track record of success, and it definitely works if you follow the program.

Plans start at $9.96 per day, which pencils out to about $300 a month, which is pretty reasonable when you consider they’re sending you most of the food you will need for an entire month.

With all of their 4-Week Plans You Will:

  • Eat 4 to 5 Small Meals or Snacks per Day
  • Mix in Fresh Fruits & Veggies
  • Learn How to Make Healthy Eating Choices on Your Own with 4 Flex Meals per Week
  • Expect to Lose About 1 to 2 LBS Every Week

Friday, September 20th 2019 SALE UPDATE: As of today, Nutrisystem is offering some pretty amazing deals for TheDietDynamo.com readers, but they won’t last forever! CLICK HERE to Activate 1 Week of FREE Food Plus FREE Bars, Shakes, & Shipping!

2. South Beach Diet

a full selection of phase 1 frozen dinners after I unpacked the shipment

The South Beach Diet (check out our review here)has been around for years, but they’re a pretty new player to the meal delivery scene. Their plans feature high-protein, low-carb meals to help your body burn more fat and kickstart your metabolism.

Their plan starts at around $300 per month if you sign up for auto-delivery. 

They’re owned by Nutrisystem, but the food is quite a bit different, so you if you’re on the fence with either program,

I’d recommend taking a close look at the menus to which style of food you prefer.

Either way, the South Beach Diet has been proven to work and has produced great results for a lot of people who have tried it.

When you sign up you can expect to:

  • Eat the Right Carbs & Healthy Fats
  • Lose Weight with an Eating Plan that is Nutritionally Balanced & Full of Variety
  • Learn How to Make Healthy Food Choices for Life

Right now the South Beach Diet is offering the same great deal as Nutrisystem, so it’s a great time to sign up if you’re serious about losing weight. Follow this link to get a 40% discount and free shipping with their auto-delivery program!

3. Diet-to-Go

diet to go meals and logo

Diet-to-Go is considered more of a premium-level diet delivery service, and that’s because their food is top-notch.

Their chef-designed meals are top-rated for taste and quality, so you can enjoy delicious meals that you love, while also losing weight.

Their plans start at about $120 per week, so they’re still pretty comparable to some of the others we have mentioned.

People who use the Diet-to-Go diet can expect to lose 1 to 3 pounds per week, and right now they’re offering a program to help people lose up to 10 pounds or more during their first month on the program.

Follow this link to learn more and to activate their latest deals!

2. Other Diet Plans and Programs for Women

There are plenty of other great diets and programs out there, so if meal delivery isn’t your style, there are some pretty great alternatives you may want to check out.

For some, this may be as simple as buying a book on the Ketogenic diet, for example, or you may still want an actual program that you can follow to help provide support, meal planning and keep you on track with your grocery shopping and food choices.

If diets like this appeal to you, then here are a couple that we really like:

Trim Down Club

the trim down club

The Trim Down Club (read about it hereis a community that can help you lose weight, track your goals, and connect with other members and diet experts who can provide encouragement, keep you on track, and make sure you reach your weight loss or health goals.

When you sign up you get instant access to their meal planner and menu builder, so you are shown the exact recipes and meals to make each day so you can lose weight and get healthier.

They have a huge database of healthy recipes that you can access at any time, and everything is offered in a clear, and easy-to-understand way.

Right now you can get started with the Club for just $1.99, which gives a chance to enroll, browse their site and member forums, so you can decide if it’s going to work for you.

Follow this link to activate this awesome deal and to learn more about Trim Down Club!

Weight Watchers Freestyle

sign up for ww freestyle

Weight Watchers (check out our review) is one of the best-known diet and health programs on the planet, and they have been helping to change people’s lives for the better for decades now.

Now, their super popular points system has gotten even better, with the release of their brand-new WW Freestyle program. Freestyle gives members more flexibility than ever when it comes to what they can eat and how they track their daily points.

It’s worth checking out if you’ve been thinking about joining Weight Watchers!

While Weight Watchers may be best known for their points and their in-person meetings, they actually have several options for enrollment nowadays.

That means if you don’t want to pay extra to attend their meetings, or if they’re not available in your town, then you can sign up for their online-only program.

They’re currently offering some pretty great deals to get people started on the right foot – follow this link to activate their latest discounts and to learn more about all of their different enrollment options!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to losing weight, things can quickly become overwhelming and confusing. There are some many different programs and options out there, that it can hard to choose which one is right for you!

With this list, we hope that you will have some clear options to chooose from with a full line up of diets and programs that have been proven to work!

No matter what you deicde to, just be sure to take action if you’re serious about losing weight! If you don’t get started now, when will you? Best of luck in the New Year!