The Best Weight Loss Workouts for Guys

The Best Weight Loss Workouts for Men

best weight loss workout for guys

While weight loss is a great reason for getting up and getting fit, there are plenty of other reasons that guys everywhere are beginning a life of regular exercise and physical performance.

You too can improve your overall health, even if you’re an older guy, from energy levels and cognitive function to better sleeping patterns and a healthy appetite every aspect of your life can take on new and vast proportions — not to mention you’ll look terrific and exhibit confidence that’s through the roof.

Regular exercise is also a great way improve the mood and increase your prowess in the bedroom. If these are all good enough reasons for you, then you’ll need to know where to begin. Following is a simple guide to dropping pounds through regular exercise.

The tips and advice you’ll find here are specially designed for those guys with lots of potential but recovering from being chained behind a desk.

Weight gains will need to be slow and steady if you will be successful, and getting all the info, you can was the best way to start — congratulations!

1. Regular Cardio is Essential

running is a good cardio workout for losing weight

Much like the foundation of a building, the cardio capacity you have will decide how far you can go with your plans.

If you spend ample time at the onset of your exercise programs build your cardio, you will have the essentials you need to fine-tune your output later.

You can even change your exercise routines around to social sports or something more engaging if you have improved your base of cardio.

Cardio is also a great way to get well-acquainted with your body and capacity for exertion. You should begin with fun and simple exercises and increase time and distance.

Skip roping, jogging running, stair climbing and the super fun and impact free activities of swimming and cycling are all top activities for losing weight and building cardio.

2. Changing your Perspective on Exercise

Much like your work, relationships or any other activity worth investing in, you will only get from your exercise routine what you put in.

a weight lifter pushes himself harder for better weight loss results

You can show up on time slog through the motions, cut every corner and keep your eye on the watch just waiting for that hour to crawl by and within a few months you may see little to no improvement.

But, you can also take your weight loss efforts as a new chapter in your life and explore your capacity, strengths and opportunities in every way.

When you exercise you must consistently take yourself to your limit and increase your endurance here.

Forget what your gym buddy is doing, what the heart rate meter says or what you did last week. Focus on your performance now!

Can you push yourself further? Do you need to take it down a notch to preserve your max performance? Could you be improving your performance with better dietary decisions?

Consistently critiquing your performance and capacity is the only way to drop those extra pounds and live the life you want.

Couch potatoes everywhere teach us a very important lesson on getting what you want — the harder you make it on yourself, the greater your results will be.

3. Switch through Intensity Levels

a woman does a hiit workout for more variety and better weight loss

Consider how your body will be reacting to your exercise routines. You begin by improving your cardio with thirty minutes of skipping the rope, jogging or cycling.

If you show up on time and commit to a moderate pace and consistent output, you will find your body gets used to this exercise really fast and soon it becomes very easy.

The easier it is, the more time and focus you spend on burning less calories.

When things start to get easier, take a moment to feel some pride, because you are getting better. But, then remember this is an important cue to kick your efforts up a notch.

Start alternating your exercises with intervals of faster paces and greater intensities. Change your jogging and cycling routes to include some steeper hills and switch out your freestyle swimming for some body-sculpting butterfly strokes.

After the same half hour, you should feel winded and spent, otherwise you should be doing more.

4. Embrace the Weights

bench pressing is a great workout

Once you have greatly improved your cardio levels, you can choose to continue building endurance or begin a program of weight training and body sculpting.

This is the path to greater strength and a truly testosterone-infused physique. The great thing about weight-training is it really helps to drop pounds and convert all that stored energy to rippling pectorals, tree-trunk torsos and legs of brass.

5. Reach the Point of Exhaustion

The reason that weightlifting is such a powerful boost to weight loss efforts is the afterburn. Muscles need fuel to build and this means that your calories will continue to burn long after your workout has been completed and the bulk of calories spent.

Of course, for the massive transformations available here it will be essential to wring your muscles of every ounce of strength and truly leave them in pain.

That burning sensation you feel in your muscles when they have been pushed to their anabolic threshold means that they have achieved maximum calorie burn and can be pushed no more.

Then complete your exercise, find a comfy spot on the couch, sit back and love the burn.

Make Sure You’re Diet is On Point

a salmon filet makes a great healthy choice at dinner

When it comes to losing weight, you can do all the working out in the world, but if your diet is terrible, you’re not going to get the best weight loss results.

Before you start a workout plan for weight loss, make sure that you have your meals planned out too.

There are a number of different diets that work really well with working out, so if you’re looking for some ideas, check out The Diet Dynamo for some of our top-rated choices.

If you don’t get your diet dialed in, don’t expect to lose a ton of weight!

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the steps guys can take to lose weight. For the best results use a combination of exercise and healthy eating.

Always be sure to consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet plan, and best of luck on your weight loss journey!


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