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UPDATED: Tuesday, January 22nd 2019

Blue Apron is probably the most popular meal delivery service on the planet, and that’s because they send you everything you need to make easy and great-tasting meals at home!

They offer plenty of great deals throughout the year, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best days of the year to lock in awesome Blue Apron Savings!

We’ll be keeping close tabs on their deals leading up to the big day, and you can get access to their savings below:

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More Blue Apron Info

blue apron holiday meals you can save money on

Blue Apron is one of our top-rated meal kit deliveries here at for a few pretty simple reasons:

  • The Food is Delicious – I haven’t had a Blue Apron Meal I didn’t like – seriously.
  • Most Meals Can be Cooked in Around 3o to 45 Minutes – Perfect for people with busy schedules.
  • Affordable – Their Meals Start at Less that $10 per Day

Beyond that there is a lot more to love about Blue Apron. We have much more info in our full Blue Apron review (link below), but here are just a few things to know about their plan before deciding to sign up:

How to Get the Best Blue Apron Holiday Deals

Blue Apron is always running some awesome promos, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to lock in some nice discounts during the holiday season, and that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here’s their current plan and pricing info:

Save on the Two-Person Plan

The Blue Apron Two-Person Plan is the perfect option for dinner for two. My wife and tried it, and I can tell you that we both absolutely love it.

If you’re wanting to feed the whole family, keep reading below to see what options they have for bigger families.

For now, though, this is what you can expect with the 2 Person Plan:

  • Pick 2 or 3 Recipes per Week
  • Costs about $9.99 per Serving
  • $47 to $59.94 per Week
  • FREE Shipping with 3 Weekly Recipes, $7.99 if You Opt for 2 Weekly Recipe Kits

They also have vegetarian options available to those who sign up for the 2 person plan.

a blue apron meal bought using the black friday promo code

Deals vary, but around the holidays you can expect to lock in some pretty awesome savings on the Blue Apron 2 person plan.

Have a larger family or need to feed more than two people? Let’s take a look at Blue Apron’s larger plans, and how you can save money.

Blue Apron Family Plan Holiday Discounts

If you need to service up to 4 people, then the Blue Apron Family Plan is the best option for you. With this option, you can choose from 2 to up to 4 recipes per week.

Here’s the pricing info based on how many family recipes you want every week:

  • 2 Weekly Recipes: $8.99 per Serving 
  • 3 Weekly Recipes: $7.99 per Serving
  • 4 Weekly Recipes: $7.49 per Serving

As you can probably see, the more food you order each week, the less you will have to pay. The 4 weekly recipes is the way to go if really enjoy cooking some amazing food every week, have a decent-sized family to feed, and are wanting to get the most bang for your buck.

The prices listed above are what you can expect to pay when you sign up for Blue Apron over the long haul, but again, odds are good that you can lock in some awesome holiday deals either around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas.

When it comes to locking in the best discounts with Blue Apron, you can expect to get the discounts when signing up. Usually this is some kind of introductory deal, which will save you money on your first week of food.

blue apron asian style pork meatloaf on the dinner table

After that initial discount expires, then the prices mentioned above are pretty much what you can expect to pay if you stay on their program.

As someone who has used Blue Apron for many months, I can tell you that you will most likely want to keep get their food long after your first week of savings – it’s that good!

Can You Give Blue Apron as a Holiday Gift?

Looking to give the gift of amazing food this holiday season? I know I’d be super excited if someone gifted me Blue Apron for Christmas (I’m talking to you, Grandma ;-)). Good news! Blue Apron makes giving gifts very easy, with their Blue Apron Meal e-Gift Cards.

They have several options to choose from, should you decide to go this route:

Gift Amounts

  • $60: This will cover one week shipment of their two person plan. Great way for someone to test the waters and see if they actually like Blue Apron.
  • $120: This is their most popular gift card, and will cover two-weeks worth of food for the two person plan.
  • $240: Want to send a month’s worth of food to a couple that you love? Then this is the card for you.
  • Custom Amount: Pick the exact amount of Blue Apron money you want to send.

Delivery Options

a plate of blue aprons creamy pesto cavatelli vegetarian dinner

If you buy the Blue Apron holiday gift card, then you can either print it at home to give to that special someone in person, of you can choose to email directly to them. Either option works great, and will get them the money the need to start enjoying Blue Apron’s amazing meals as soon as possible!

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to cook some of the best meals you’ve ever made, then Blue Apron is worth trying. There are plenty of times when you can save big on Blue Apron’s meal kit delivery, but Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season offers a chance to lock in some of their best deals of the year.

The Blue Apron Meals are healthy, easy to make, and super affordable. The best part is, you never have to go the grocery store to cook an amazing Blue Apron meal – just sign up, lock in the savings, and get everything you need to start cooking shipped right to your door every week!

Ready to start cooking?

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If you’re wondering why we love Blue Apron so much, be sure to check out our full review below:

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