a blue apron vegetarian meal with tofu veggies and nuts

Blue Apron is one of the several meal delivery services that has appeared online in the last decade. It also happens to be one of the first as well as have one of the largest delivery areas. Those who sign up for the service receive boxes on a scheduled basis. These boxes contained portioned ingredients for specific meals along with the accompanying recipe. Some believe it’s a great way to eat healthily and save time.

fBlue Apron stands apart from much of the competition by delivering fresh and healthy ingredients that are locally sourced. Their recipes are carefully constructed and their portions are ideal for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle and perhaps lose some weight.

How Blue Apron Works

When registering for Blue Apron you will select from one of two plans. The first plan is a “2- person plan” and the second is a “family plan”. As the name implies, the 2-person plan contains meals portioned for exactly two people. Each delivery contains 2 or 3 meals and they are delivered once a week.

The family plan contains meals that are portioned to feed a total of four people. You can choose to receive between 2 and 4 meals each week. There are a variety of menu options available and you are able to choose your meal selections on either plan.

One of the benefits of using a meal delivery service like this is that you learn to cook many new meals. You’ll see exactly how much of each ingredient is needed and you’ll have the recipe readily available. If you ever cancel your registration, you’ll still get to keep the recipes and you’ll remember which of the meals you liked the most. In the future, you’ll be able to prepare them yourself without using the delivery service.

Does Blue Apron Have A Vegan Menu?

Blue Apron has a very large menu and it’s expanding all of the time. Surprisingly, they do not offer any vegan-specific items or meal plans. It is possible that some of their food items could be considered vegan, but you would need to specifically read the ingredient list on each item to determine if that were the case. At any rate, even if there were one or two vegan items, it would not be enough to support a full meal delivery schedule.

Blue Apron does offer a limited vegetarian meal plan. They have several vegetarian options available. However, those options are only available on the 2-person plan. If you were to register for the family plan, then you would not have access to the vegetarian menu. This makes Blue Apron less than ideal for vegetarian families as well as vegans.

Any vegan interested in a meal delivery service should consider researching programs that specifically cater to vegan customers. There are a number of vegan-only meal deliveries as well as a few other general delivery programs that have large vegan menus.

Meal Quality

Some meal delivery services have earned a reputation for delivering sub-par ingredients to their customers. Blue Apron manages to remain one of the best delivery services because they use only fresh ingredients that are properly packaged and cooled prior to delivery.

Each week’s meal plan comes packaged inside of a single cardboard box. That box may contain anywhere between 2 and 4 different meals as well as their recipes, depending on the plan you have chosen. The cardboard box is also lined with ice packs to ensure that the delivery remains cool for several hours after being delivered.

All of the ingredients for the meals are packed neatly inside of the box with the recipes beneath them. The ingredients are also vacuum sealed to maintain freshness for several weeks. This is beneficial because sometimes you may not get to cook your meals as scheduled. The only ingredients that are not typically included in the box are salt, pepper, and any oils needed to cook with, such as olive oil.

The ingredients are perfectly portioned to cook the recipes exactly as detailed. On one hand, this ensures that the recipe comes out as planned. Unfortunately, it also means you won’t have any extra left for something else. Many people order these kits and then throw in a few of their own ingredients.

That brings up a second point, which is that the recipes can be rather simple. They tend to contain very few ingredients. For some, that may seem like a setback, but for others without much culinary experience, it means that they can prepare delicious meals without the risk of major mistakes.

Final Thoughts

The idea of a meal delivery service may still seem controversial to some. To others, it’s a great way to get healthy, perfectly portioned meals delivered to their door. It’s also a great way to learn how to cook new meals. Unfortunately, the lack of a vegan menu may cause vegans to find a delivery service other than Blue Apron.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for a meal kit delivery with a vegan-friendly menu, then I’d suggest checking out Green Chef. Follow this link to see their full vegan menu and to lock in their latest deals!