Blue Apron vs. Sun Basket Which is Best?

a shipment of sun basket food displayed on the kitchen counter

When it comes to top-rated meal kit delivery programs, both Sun Basket and Blue Apron are about as good as it gets. Each one sends you fresh ingredients, recipes that are delicious and easy to make, and are pretty affordable.

That said, Sun Basket and Blue Apron each carry their own set of pros and cons, menu options, and pricing structure, so there’s a good chance that one may work better for you when compared to the other.

Below, we’ll take a quick look at both services, their menu options, and their pros and cons, so you can decide which one is going to work best for you.

Sun Basket is our Number 1 choice for meal delivery kits, so we’ll look at them first.

1. Sun Basket

How Much Does Sun Basket Cost?

PRICE: Normally $11.99 per Serving – CLICK HERE to Get it for $7.82 w/Your First Order!

Sun Basket is very reasonably priced and has one of the biggest and best menus that we have found in a meal kit delivery service. That means, they cover just about any dietary need, so if you’ve got a unique eating situation, then Sun Basket should be the first place you look.

Sun Basket Menu & Plans

a gluten free meal

Wondering if Sun Basket has a plan that will work for you? Here’s a look at the plans they’re currently offering:

  • Chef’s Choice: Their classic menu featuring their chef’s hand-picked recipes, paying special attention to seasonal produce and the best meats, seafood, and sauces.
  • Paleo: High-protein, clean recipes that are packed full of fresh veggies, their best meats, and seafood, while being free from dairy, gluten, grains, corn, and soy.
  • Lean & Clean: Lean proteins, clean ingredients, and foods that make weight management a breeze.
  • Gluten-Free: Delicious gluten-free meals, without ever feeling deprived. You’ll enjoy plenty of fresh veggies, their full line of top-quality meats and seafood, as well as their chef’s top gluten-free alternatives.
  • Vegetarian: Eating vegetarian meals has never been more fun. With Sun Basket’s creative veggie-inspired dishes, you’ll enjoy fresh, organic produce, as well as dairy that is responsibly sourced and eggs that are from pasture-raised chickens.
  • Mediterranean: Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with these meals that feature lean meats, wild-caught seafood, seasonal produce, as well as healthy fats, whole grains, and fresh herbs.
  • Vegan: Meatless recipes that are creative, fun to make, and delicious to eat! Enjoy plenty of seasonal produce, proteins from plants, and their special-made sauces to add lots of flavor to your meals.
  • Pescatarian: For those who want to enjoy the perfect amounts of wild-caught seafood, along with plenty of seasonal organic produce.
  • Diabetes-Friendly: Delicious and healthy meals that are designed specifically to help you manage your diabetes.
  • Quick & Easy: Short on time? These meals are designed to help you get dinner on the table with less time and effort than their other options.

Sun Basket Menu Options

When you sign up for Sun Basket (read our Sun Basket review), you will have a couple of options to choose from. If menu variety is what you’re shooting for, then their Classic menu may be what you’re after, but if you’re wanting to get the most bang for your buck, the Family Menu brings the price down a bit, but you’ll be feeding 4.

With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the plans:

The Classic Menu

Price per Serving: $11.99

WIth the Classic Menu, you can get 3 recipes shipped your way each week. You can opt for 2 servings per recipe or 4.

Classic gives you access to more choices, with 18 recipes to choose from.

If you’re choosing any of the plan options besides Chef’s Choice & Vegetarian, then this is the menu you will need to order from.

Family Menu

Price per Serving: $10.99

This is the best value Sun Basket offers, and you can get 2, 3, or 4 recipes sent your way every week. Each recipe includes 4 servings.

The Family Menu features 6 new recipes to choose from, and you can make selections from the Chef’s Choice or Vegetarian plans.

Bottom Line

Sun Basket is one of the best meal kit delivery programs on the planet, and they have some of the biggest and best variety that I have found. If you have special dietary needs, then the Sun Basket should be one of the first places you look – there’s a really good chance they have a menu that will work for you!

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2. Blue Apron

How Much Does Blue Apron Cost?

PRICE: Starts at Just $7.49 per Serving – CLICK HERE to Activate Latest Deals

Don’t let this number 2 ranking for Blue Apron fool you – their meal kit delivery service is legit and ranks right up there with Sun Basket. The biggest reason I give Sun Basket the edge in this head-to-head is their menu variety, but if you’re looking for classic menu options, as well as a menu that works for vegetarians, then Blue Apron is worth looking at.

Blue Apron also offers specialty menu options that are compliant with the Mediterranean Diet, recipes specifically designed for summer grilling season, and even celebrity recipes, from people like Chrissy Teigen.

Blue Apron’s meals are fresh and delicious, and I was blown away by the variety you have to choose from. I’ve honestly never had a meal I didn’t like sent from Blue Apron, and it has always been fun making and eating ingredients I’ve never tried before.

Blue Apron Menu & Plans

a table full of blue apron ingredients

Blue Apron ( has two main plans to choose from: Their Classic menu and they also have a vegetarian option as well.

On top of that, you can customize what types of food they send you too. So, if you eat seafood, but don’t want any meat on your menu, or don’t like pork, for example, you can indicate that and you won’t see those items as menu options for that week.

The bottom line is, they have plenty of customization options to choose from, so check out their menu, and see what will work for you.

Blue Apron Plan Options

Blue Apron currently offers two plans to choose from:

Two-Person Plan

With their two-person plan, you can choose 2 or 3 recipes per week. Prices typically start at $9.99 per serving, bringing the weekly total to about $59.94 if you have 3 recipes sent your way every week. Shipping is always free.

If you’re planning to order the Blue Apron vegetarian menu, then this is the plan you will need to go with.

Family Plan

With the Blue Apron Family Plan, you can serve 4 people up to 4 recipes per week. Plans start at just $8.99 per serving, bringing the weekly total to around $71.92 per week if you go with the 2 recipe option.

Bottom Line

Blue Apron is an amazing and delicious meal kit delivery service, and they offer one of the more affordable plans out there. If you want to cook amazing chef-inspired recipes in the comfort of your own home, then they should be at the top of your list for companies to try!

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Final Thoughts

Meal kit delivery is a fun and delicious way to prepare amazing chef-inspired meals for you and your family. They cut down on trips to the grocery store, only send you the ingredients you need in the perfect proportions, and are a great way to try new and exciting foods!

Blue Apron and Sun Basket are two of the best in the business and should be at the top of your list when you’re trying to find a service to try. Learn more about them with our reviews above, and then start cooking!