Bowflex HVT Reviews & Pricing Info

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Do you have 18 minutes a day to sculpt and slim down while building lean muscle mass? Then, pay attention to Nautilus, which just premiered its newest top-shelf product, the Bowflex HVT.

It’s a full-body workout with on-board training and coaching built in from its Dynamic Coaching feature. Read on to find out if Bowflex HVT is for you.

How Much Does the HVT Cost?

The Bowflex HVT starts at $1799 with free shipping for direct order on the Bowflex site and has a lot of built-in value while producing extremely fast results.

Is the HVT is Right for You?

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HVT stands for Hybrid Velocity Training. It works the two key areas for slimming while building lean muscle tone simultaneously: cardio and strength training.

Men have long been encouraged to lift weights as part of their fitness, making them even leaner and meaner. For many women, the hhyper-focusis on cardio workouts and a proper diet.

Adding strength training builds musculature, sculpting bodies, and boosting weight loss.

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It is a great, new world to see at-home gym equipment giving both aspects of a workout in one. It’s also a lot more efficient than having to do a separate lifting routine apart from a traditionally lengthy cardio workout.

In other words, it saves a tremendous amount of time compared to traditional workouts.

Put this way, people training for a 5k would have to traditionally spend a couple hours on a treadmill or elliptical, then switch to a lengthy weight lifting routine, stretch (again), shower, and get to work for 8 hours.

People can choose between 18 minutes on one machine versus 4 hours devoted to the gym daily.

Bluetooth Functionality Syncs Up

Using the built-in Bluetooth allows for syncing to Apple and Android devices. It turns out there is an app for Bowflex HVT that supports 50 different professionally led pre-recorded workout routines, in addition to the machine’s Dynamic Coaching interface.

HVT Size and Specifications

Get a workout by lifting the 182-pound machine when it arrives at your home. It can only accommodate up to 300-pound users. It is 65.6 inches long by 46 inches wide by 83 inches in height.

Does it Deliver Results?

does it help you get in shape

Is it for fitness management, weight loss, or both? It’s like having a fitness coach for the super busy, built into the machine.

By offering up three different modes via the Dynamic Coaching Console, it provides feedback and guideposts to get into shape, for maintenance, or to assist in training for events.

Does it offer better functionality and features than their last generation equipment?

Will it work as well as the equipment at the gym? Because Bowflex HVT has dials to add or reduce resistance on demand, it helps increase the intensity of workouts without buying and keeping up with a lot of extra accessories.

Because it is an all-in-one machine that provides a full-body workout, it saves time without having to switch machines or do other exercises.

The HVT machine’s functionality eclipses and laps traditional home fitness equipment. Seriously, just 18 minutes every day burns calories while turning up the metabolism, sculpted the body and building lean muscle mass. It has three pre-programmed workouts such as Builder, Circuit, and Sprinter to meet different goals.

Compare to the Bowflex Results Series

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Along with the HVT, Bowflex just announced the Results Series line of treadmills and ellipticals. If you’re looking for more a traditional workout, then one of these may be the better option for you. They are already receiving rave reviews, and are considered to be some of the best machines in their class.


You can add in in-home assembly for $249 on the site. It’s a great way to ensure the Bowflex HVT works well, while saving your back from lifting and hauling the boxes.

The assembly service involves the actual delivery of the box to the room where it will be assembled.

Nautilus, the manufacturer, and dealer, recommends reviewing the product specifications against archways, hallways, and stairwells in the home prior to ordering and requesting assembly.

This is to ensure that the Bowflex HVT can be delivered to the room the new owner chooses. If you’re not super handy, it may be worth the additional fee to have them set your machine up, just to ensure it’s done right.


The newest Bowflex machine promises great results for all fitness levels. Get a full body workout in just 18 minutes a day, if you think it’s the right workout for you.

It’s not going to be for everyone, though, so you may want to consider one of their more traditional options as well – they offer a Max Trainer, TreadClimber, and now treadmills and ellipticals. Visit the link below to see their full line of fitness equipment:

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