bowflex lateralx reviews and cost information

Bowflex LateralX Review & Cost

Bowflex is a committed brand and continues to produce high-end equipment.

Its latest addition to the market is none other than the Bowflex LateralX. This is designed to empower users and deliver a power-packed workout solution built to help shed weight and get leaner.

This Bowflex LateralX review will take a look at the key features, how much it costs to buy one, and how it has done when put to the test.

How Much Does the Bowflex LateralX Cost?

Bowflex works with a tiered system meaning each model will be priced differently. In this case, Bowflex has released three distinct models named – LX3, LX5, and LX5+.

With the assortment of features, Bowflex has come up with a separate price for each model.

a man uses the brand new bowflex lateralx for our review

  • LX3 – $ 1,999.00
  • LX5 – $ 2,699.00
  • LX5+ – $ 2,999.00

Please note, all prices do not include taxes and/or shipping costs (LX5+ includes free shipping).

In addition, customers are more than welcome to take advantage of the financing offered by Bowflex to set up an immediate payment plan with the desired APR.

Right now is an excellent time to lock in some huge savings on the LateralX, but they won’t last forever!

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Bowflex LateralX Models

1: LX5 with Performance Package (LX5+)

  • Adjustable Lateral Range
  • 10 Resistance Levels
  • Up To 4 Users
  • 7.5″ Backlit LED Display
  • BLUETOOTH® 4.0 Compatible
  • Free 12-Week Workout Plan
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
  • Includes Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  • Includes Mat
  • Free Shipping
  • 3-Year Warranty

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2: LX5

  • Adjustable Lateral Range
  • 10 Resistance Levels
  • Up To 4 Users
  • 7.5″ Backlit LED Display
  • BLUETOOTH® 4.0 Compatible
  • Free 12-Week Workout Plan
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

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3: LX3

  • Adjustable Lateral Range
  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • Up To 2 Users
  • 7.5″ Backlit LED Display
  • BLUETOOTH® 4.0 Compatible
  • Free 12-Week Workout Plan
  • Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

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A True 16 Minute Workout?

burn 39 percent more calories vs elliptical

Let’s take a look at the workout program attached to the Bowflex LateralX and whether it is a good option moving forward.

With the Bowflex LateralX, it’s important to make the most of the machine and get it to help while building a desirable physique.

To make sure this is the case, Bowflex has gone ahead and put together a comprehensive solution that is not time-consuming.

It is easy to get through the workout within 16 minutes and feel great about the progress that’s been made. This is essential and is one of the reasons the machine is gaining acclaim.

Follow the trainer-led workouts and enjoy the value they have to offer. Instead of getting bored with the machine and not knowing what to do, Bowflex has made it easier than ever before.

They include detailed trainer-led videos that incorporate this “16-minute” setup so a person can race through their routine without losing sight of the goal.

The beauty of these workout videos is they are designed to make things simpler and will keep users on track from day one.

All programs including the 30+ options available with the LX5+ demonstrate the value of having a qualified trainer alongside for the experience.

Everything is laid out in detail and the workout is going to be structured to make sure it can be followed by people of all ages and levels. It is not focused towards one group of users and that’s valuable while coming up with a customized routine.

Focus on getting the Bowflex app, syncing with the machine, and building out a workout regimen that’s exciting. This is a true 16-minute workout that is going to be done from the comfort of one’s home and will need nothing more than a willing participant.

This is how unique the Bowflex LateralX is.

How Does the LateralX Work?

LateralX is made to incorporate the entire body and push it harder than ever seen before. The premise of the machine is to get the legs and arms moving at the same time.

A lot of traditional cardio machines (i.e. treadmills and bikes) focus on one part of the body and only place pressure on them. Instead of letting this happen and getting an imbalanced workout, why not invest in something that is well-rounded?

This is where Bowflex has been able to engineer a solution that can do it all and is made to target the entire body.

As soon as a person hops on, the machine is going to kick into gear and will also the person to choose their workout.

With the LX5+, a user will be able to go through over 30 workout programs and come up with what they are looking to get.

Each routine is action-packed and will make the experience fun.

Please note, it’s best to focus on setting up a program in advance and following through with it for maximum results.

This will ensure the body gets things to work as intended when using a Bowflex LateralX machine.

When compared to the standard elliptical, the Bowflex LateralX is able to burn 39% more calories in a standard session.

This illustrates the power of the machine and how power-packed it is when put to use. This is a machine that will be able to reduce some of the pressure that’s put on the joints while still getting the heart rate up.

It is a well-balanced option that is going to have all the perks a person needs in this day and age.

It will add value from top to bottom making sure the workout is smooth, safe, and ideal in the long-term.

User Weight Loss Results

One of the most important aspects of investing in a new cardio machine is seeing whether or not it offers value. Does the Bowflex LateralX offer the kind of value that’s needed in this day and age or is it a gimmick?

In the end, the only way to test this is by taking a look at what users have to say.

Users have taken the opportunity to push through with their workouts, give the machine a chance, and see whether it has an impact on their body or not.

Based on the feedback that has come in, it’s clear there’s value in what the machine has to offer and how well it functions.

  • Time-Efficient
  • Easy on the Joints
  • Helps Cut Body Fat
  • Works for People of All Levels
  • Fun-Filled

Here’s a Quick Look at the LateralX in Action:

These are some of the advantages that are mentioned by users who have taken the chance to use this machine.

Bowflex LateralX is engineered to provide a wholesome solution that is not only going to offer something unique but will also save a lot of time.

With the 16-minute workout, users are able to save time and still get in the workout that is needed to stay fit. They are not seen cutting anywhere and that is a major advantage while looking at a machine such as this.

Bowflex LateralX users also state it is wonderful for those who are older in age and don’t want to run on a treadmill because it hurts their joints.

No one wants to be in pain for weeks because of a workout session but that happens while using traditional cardio machines.

The Bowflex LateralX is unique because it is not going to put pressure on the joints while still getting the heart rate up as much as necessary. This is essential for those who want to feel safe with what they are doing.

syncs with the free bowflex app

Get the most from your workouts with the free LateralX App.

Users have also taken time out to mention the value of using this as a beginner.

For those who have never had the opportunity to use a cardio machine and want to make the most of Bowflex LateralX, this is going to include all the benefits a person needs to learn along the way.

The workout programs are easy to follow and will push those who want to be pushed.

For example, users that were looking to trim down even more and were “experienced” still found value in using the Bowflex LateralX.

This is one of those balanced options that are able to provide a decent workout for anyone that uses them.

The level of control is essential and it is a major advantage for those who want an exceptional solution.

Final Thoughts

The Bowflex LateralX is an outstanding machine that has been made with the user’s needs in mind. Too many cardio machines are inefficient, unsafe, or impossible to manage over the long haul.

It’s one thing to get on a machine and use it for a single session and another to build out a proper workout regimen.

The beauty of using Bowflex LateralX is knowing the program will be efficient and there will be multiple options to choose from as soon as the machine starts running.

The wheels included with the machine are important for those looking to move it around inside their house.

All it takes is a few seconds to put the machine into place, move it around, and have it work out as intended.

This level of control and quality is what makes the machine a star-studded option. Whether it’s the LX3 or the LX5+, these are options that do it all!

Right now is an excellent time to lock in some huge savings on the LateralX, but they won’t last forever!

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