What are Brown Fats?


brown fat and thermogenesis guide

The term “brown fat” is a new one for the average adult and most aren’t aware of what it even means.

For those who are on a diet such as the Ketogenic Diet, this becomes an important point to discuss.

It holds merit and is one of the most important requirements while setting up your diet plan and making sure you are eating the right way.

This read is going to dissect the term, its role in the Ketogenic Diet, and what its benefits are for the average human being.

What Are Brown Fats?

a scale you can use to track progress after burning brown fats

Let’s start by defining the term, “brown fats” for those who are hearing about it now.

Brown fats are often found in young babies and are noted as being brown fat cells packed with mitochondria.

Mitochondria are designed to burn carbohydrates and fatty acids as a resource for fueling the body.

With the regular “white” fats, this doesn’t occur.

In recent years, medical researchers have noted the average adult body does host brown fat cells despite it not being at the level of a human baby.

As you age, the white fat cells take over but a few brown fat cells remain to help out.

Brown Fats and the Ketogenic Diet

Where does the Ketogenic Diet come into all of this?

The Ketogenic diet is built on eating the right way and making sure you are optimizing the body’s biological layout to the best of your ability. The only way to do this is with the help of brown fats and using them appropriately.

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Brown fats are important because they are guaranteed to play a role in how the body’s metabolic rate adjusts.

Studies done on mice have shown a remarkable change because of brown fats and their response to the Ketogenic Diet.

Brown fats are triggered and created under specific conditions and these can be replicated when you are on the Ketogenic Diet.

Observations state the number of brown fat cells in a human body before and after the diet can be staggering.

Those who go ahead and follow the diet’s protocol to a tee will notice an increase in their metabolic rate because of the brown fat cells. The body’s response to the diet is positive and it has to do with the increased involvement of brown fats.

How Can You Get Started with Keto?

If you want to start burning brown fats with the help of the ketogenic diet, there are some programs that you can follow to make things a bit easier.

In the most basic sense, keto isn’t that difficult to follow. Here are few of the very simple steps you can take to get started:

diet to go keto meal plan

  • Stick to 20-30 grams of net carbs per day (the closer you can get to 20, the better)
  • No sugar
  • Eat fats and proteins
  • Some veggies

Of course, these are very basic guidelines, and there are some things that make the diet more complicated that you will need to know about.

Diets with Keto Plans

If you’re looking for a diet plan that can get your started with keto, Diet to Go (check out our review here) can send you all of the meals you need to go keto right to your door each week, and it’s a great way to get started.

Of course, if you’re comfortable making your own meals and doing your own grocery shopping, there are books and programs out there that you can follow as well.

How to Increase Brown Fats

How does one go about increasing the number of brown fat cells in their body?

The Ketogenic Diet is a good low-carb option and is one of the benefits of going with this option and learning about it. Brown fat cells will increase in number as long as the diet is followed.

Additional changes that work include:

1) Exposure to Cooler Temperatures
2) Exercise
3) Low-Carb Diets
4) Continuous Testing

Please remember, running tests to determine the number of brown fats in your body can be a good way to get a read on your situation.

Benefits of Brown Fats

a woman shows off her flat stomach after burning a bunch of brown fats

1) Burn Fat

Brown fats are able to burn fat and that occurs because of the mitochondria. Since the goal of a mitochondrion is to burn fat using carbs and fatty acids, it helps the cell remain active.

This is how the human body is able to burn fat and keep heading towards the goal you have set for it.

The Ketogenic Diet is able to add to this with the help of burning fat and making sure it is done the right way. Burning fat is essential for those who are on a diet and this helps out.

2) Provide Heat for Body

The reason a baby will have brown fat cells more than the average human has to do with heat production.

Brown fats are able to provide heat at a higher level and that is why they flourish in colder conditions. A baby’s body will be prone to getting cold and that’s why they have to be wrapped up for their own safety.

As we get older, this is taken away from them naturally but the Ketogenic Diet is able to revitalize their role. This is what makes the heat production advantageous for losing weight and burning calories.

3) Play Role In Metabolic Rate

This has been mentioned before and it has a key role to play in the Ketogenic Diet.

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Brown fats are designed to increase the metabolic rate because of what they do.

These brown fat cells are going to bolster one’s metabolic rate as soon as the carbohydrates and fatty acids are burned.

This makes it easier to continue to lose weight and not have to focus on other ways to trigger a reduction.

The metabolic rate will increase as soon as the number of brown fat cells also increase in the body. This is what makes it easier to manage when the diet is followed to a tee.

Final Thoughts

Brown fats and keto are a great way to lose weight for many people, so if you’ve been looking to blast some fat, this is one thing that can get your started.





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