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Bulletproof Coffee Review & Pricing Info

Chances are pretty good that you have probably heard of Bulletproof Coffee at some point in the last few years.

It skyrocketed in popularity after Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience and other notable media outlets a few years ago, and the craze doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

For most of us that probably led to a few questions – What is this stuff I hear about on every podcast, on Facebook, and basically in all corners of the internet? Well, that’s a great question, and we’re going to give a full Bulletproof breakdown below.

We’ll cover exactly what Bulletproof coffee is, its benefits, how much it costs, and does the recipe really involve butter?

Coffee is just one part of the Bulletproof way of life (read our full Bulletproof diet review here), but it’s probably the most well-known component, and it’s a great way to start your morning, especially if you’re intermittent fasting.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

the original blend of bulletproof cofee

Bulletproof Coffee isn’t so much a brand of coffee, but rather, a method for preparing your coffee that usually involves three main ingredients: coffee that is made with “certified clean” beans, butter or ghee that is grass-fed and unsalted, and MCT (check out our favorite one here) or Brain Octane Oil (made from coconut oil).

This recipe was invented by Asprey after he had some tea with Yak butter during a trip to Tibet. He was blown away by how rejuvenated he felt after drinking the butter tea and decided to come up with his own recipe after conducting a ton of research.

His coffee blend has become a popular component of the Bulletproof diet, as a form of maintaining ketosis, and with the intermittent fasting community.

It may sound weird to put butter or ghee in your coffee – I know I was skeptical at first. But, it actually tastes amazing and it really does seem to provide clarity and focus.

Of course, Bulletproof does sell their own brand of “clean coffee” beans, and there are other options as well.

The clean coffee component has been called into question a bit, but you certainly can’t go wrong with purchasing coffee that has low toxin content and is sourced with the highest quality beans possible.

On top of that, the Bulletproof beans are single-sourced, taste great and make an excellent cup of joe.


a cup of coffee beans spilled onto the table

When Asprey first came on the scene, these “low toxin” beans were referred to as an essential component of the Bulletproof blend.

Joe Rogan took issue with the science behind this claim on a 2014 episode of his podcast, although the actual butter, brain oil coffee blend still remains a staple of his diet.

His main question seemed to be whether or not “normal” coffee actually contained “mycotoxins” that might be harmful to your body in some way.

At the time, Asprey reported that 70% of coffee beans were infected with these so-called mycotoxins, but Rogan called this claim into question. Rogan’s own studies seem to debunk this claim, so take the whole mycotoxins thing with a grain of salt.

Even with the bean controversy, the three core ingredients remain intact, and the coffee blend is as popular as ever.

For me, it has been easiest to go with Bulletproof’s Brain Octane Oil and single-source coffee beans, and then I buy organic, grass-fed butter from the grocery store. You can also go with organic coffee from your store, or local coffee shop as well. Bulletproof also sells Ghee, you can find it locally, or I have ordered from Amazon as well.

Bulletproof Butter Coffee Recipe

This recipe is really pretty simple, and after one time making it you should have it mastered.

  1. Make one cup of coffee. It’s recommended to use filtered water if you can, that just reached its boiling point. Add the water to the 2 1/2 heaping tablespoons of fresh grounds. For me, the French Press has worked best for this process.
  2. Stir in 1 or 2 tablespoons of the brain oil to the coffee (make sure it’s still hot).
  3. Stir in 1 or 2 tablespoons of the grass-fed butter (remember to use unsalted) or ghee.
  4. Mix it all together. Use a blender for best results – simply blend it up for half a minute or so. It should look foamy, sort of like a latte when it’s ready to drink.

How Much Does it Cost?

a cup of fresh made bullet coffee

  • $18.95 for Official Bulletproof Coffee 
  • $6.26 Starter Size of Brain Octane Oil
  • $22.95 for Bulletproof Ghee
  • $2.00-5.00 for Grass-Fed Butter

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Why Use Butter AND MCT Oil?

According to Bulletproof, using unsalted butter from grass-fed cows provides your body a nutrient-rich source of high-quality fats. Cows that are free range and fed a natural grass diet tend to be healthier than factory-raised heifers that are raised on mostly grains.

This improved health is also evident in the meat and butter that they produce, which is why Bulletproof recommends it.

MCT oil helps recharge your body, and gives you the energy, stamina, and focus that you need to make the most out of your day. Bulletproof’s Brain Octane Oil is a version of MCT in its purest form, and unlike other blends on the market, it doesn’t have an awful taste or smell.

Final Thoughts

the bulletproof coffee kit on sale

I first heard about this Bulletproof blend a couple of years ago on Rogan’s podcast, as well as the controversy surrounding it in later episodes, and never really thought much about trying it until I started intermittent fasting about 6 months ago.

With intermittent fasting, I don’t eat anything until about 2:00 most days, and I needed something in the mornings to give me an edge, and that gave me the energy and focus needed to make the most out of my day.

After reading a bunch of reviews and posts from other intermittent fasters, I decided that Bulletproof coffee was my morning solution.

I typically have one cup a day, just in the mornings, and I have found that it provides me with a high level of focus and energy.

I rarely drink more than one cup of the Bulletproof blend, because of the calorie content, and then I switch to black coffee and water for the rest of the day.

Either way, I have found this coffee recipe to be tasty, critical to helping me reach my highest level of performance during my workdays. I would recommend it to anyone looking to gain an edge, who is intermittent fasting or on the keto diet, or if you just want to try something new with your morning cup of coffee!

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