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Cruise Control Diet Review & Buying Guide

A new and improved diet awaits the weight watcher at every corner and while some sound more impressive than others, diets are delicate things and should be taken very seriously.

Reading this review shows you are no fool when it comes to daily fuel and we will delve into the details that make the Cruise Control Diet by James Ward a good or bad idea.

The program’s author is James Ward and you can read his story of better health when you have the time. Suffice to say, Mr. Ward accredits the following diet to improving his health and claims these results are available to you as well.

These claims always make the crowds go wild. Better health and a more attractive physique by adjusting the foods you eat has been a scientifically proven method of self-improvement.

But how exactly?

And more importantly, will this Cruise Control diet help you strip away the pounds and gain better health?

What is the Cruise Control Diet?

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The cruise control diet program consists of three parts and is separated into an eight-week plan, as follows:

1. The Metabolic Reset Phase

This is the first phase and works to rid the body of toxins brought about by processed foods. It is pretty strict and sets calorie restrictions. This phase boosts the metabolism and prepares the body to properly burn the nutritious foods and begin the next phase of the process.

2. The Cruise Control Phase

With your metabolism spiking and energy levels high you will be able to introduce this next phase at your pace. After the first section is complete you will begin the easier part of the program where weight will supposedly just “fall off”.

There are no exceptions to this rule according to the author and the program even allows for “junk foods” a couple times in a week.

3. The Rapid Fat Burning Phase

This is the final phase of the program but actually begins during the middle half of the previous phase. According to the Cruise Control program instructions this phase involves rapid weight loss and is not for beginners but those experienced with fitness routines. No doubt the first to phases provide the introduction necessary to manage the goals of weight loss.

How Does it Work?

The rules upon which the Cruise Control diet is based are as follows:

blueberries are a approved food on the cruise control diet

  • No processed foods
  • Eat only natural foods
  • Don’t calorie count
  • Eat junk food twice a week
  • Try to do the optional exercise

Natural foods and toxin elimination has many benefits to the weight loss function. A good portion of the fatigue and lack of energy we experience comes from a digestive system filled with foods that cost more energy to process than they provide. Poor diets typically lack the fiber that keeps a digestive function in good condition.

Obviously, the first benefit of the Cruise Control diet would be better nutrition and an improved digestive system that assimilates all that good energy.

Natural energy is processed more effectively by the body and you will feel more energetic without worrying about turning this energy into to stored fats. There is also an optional exercise program that can be introduced to improve weight loss, more about that later.

Why the Junk Food?

The big question many people have is “why the weekly indulgence?”. The rules indicate that a couple meals of your favorite tasty treats could and even should be eaten. This point is beneficial for two reasons.

chocolate bars are an approved cheat meal

The body is not some kind of machine that requires two liters of Premium to run X number of hours. It is a highly individual piece of biotechnology and each person must be attuned to their needs and their body’s desires.

With this in mind, the Cruise Control diet encourages an intuitive approach to dieting.

The body should be fed when it is hungry but it is also important to know when you are truly hungry and when you are simply craving those yummy goodies that make life and eating a joy.

Enjoyment is the first reason for better eating and better living that allows you the occasional indulgence.

The second good reason to enjoy an occasional treat is to teach yourself when your body is seeking some pleasurable flavors and textures and when your body is demanding good healthy energy for optimal operations.

Optional Exercise

fitness is an important way for guys to lose weight

One important thing to understand about this diet is its ultimate goals. James Ward designed this diet for those in need of serious health improvements. The obese, sedentary and elderly should improve their eating habits before they can begin to address a committed routine of physical exercise.

It could even be unhealthy to try pushing yourself into a physical exercise routine before you have the nutritional resources to support your efforts.

With this in mind, follow the indications you find affixed to your Cruise Control Instructional manuals before beginning any plan for exercise.

Professional medical advice should always be sought before commencing a new diet program especially if you present health conditions already.

Will the Cruise Control Diet help me lose weight?

Final Thoughts

Healthy eating in itself can do wonders for the body and is the first important step on the road to better health. This diet plan will give you an elastic plan that you can wrap around your needs and stretch it here and there to fit perfectly.

If you are slow, intuitive and dedicated to your health goals, you will surely improve your health with a clever plan like this.

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