How to Lose Weight Fast for Men (A 2 Week Guide) The Top 7 Tips

fastest way for dudes to drop a few pounds

A car isn’t just made up of the engine. In fact, it’s made up of a bunch of tiny things that need to work together.

And the better they work together, the faster and more reliable the car will be. For men, this is the same approach you need to use if you want to lose weight fast in two weeks. You need to take into account all the variables that effect, and you need to face them as best you can.

In light of helping you shed those pounds within a two-week period, here are some suggestions.

1. Be a Smart Shopper

make smart shopping choices to lose a lot of weight in two weeks

It might not sound like a direct route to losing weight, but you’ll be surprised at how many pounds you can lose if you don’t buy everything you see.

Instead, write down a healthy shopping list for two weeks. Establish a detailed plan for what you’ll be eating each day and whether these meals are healthy and nutritional.

And when you have your two weeks planned, don’t get enticed by the products you shouldn’t be buying. In fact, eat something before you go shopping.

Because shopping on a hungry stomach will make you more prone to give into temptation.

2. Be Pro-Active

If you really want to lose weight quickly in two weeks, you need to get your mind in the right place. And the right place with this type of goal is “pro-active”.

two men go for a run

But it’s not just about going to gym three times a week because that won’t be enough.

You want to move as much as possible every opportunity you get. For example, taking the stairs at work and at the mall. Get up and run in one place when a commercial pops up. Walk around while talking on your phone and take ten minutes to run with the dog in the backyard.

By keeping your body active at regular intervals, you’ll quickly realize how your energy levels increase and the weight disappears.

3. Targeted Training

Cardio and resistance training are amazing weapons against excess fat your body doesn’t need. And if you get specific about the way you train, you’ll be able to target the big problem areas.

With an intense cardio regime, you’ll get that heart pumping and burn calories. In terms of resistance training, you basically replace fat with muscle.

It should also be said that recovery time is essential, regardless of the exercise you choose to follow. If your body doesn’t get enough time to heal and rest, you’ll have bigger worries than losing substantial weight in two weeks.

get your eating habits in check to lose weight fast

4. Check Your Eating Habits

Other than training yourself to be a disciplined shopper, you want to pay attention to your eating habits as well. For instance, how quickly do you eat?

For most people, a plate of food should be absorbed as quickly as their chewing lets them. And this is because we live in a fast-paced world where ordering pizza is much quicker than making dinner.

You can naturally curb your appetite by simply eating slower. It’s recommended to chew each bite at least 20 times before swallowing, and you should “zone in” on the taste and texture of your food.

Basically, take the time to enjoy each bite. You can even put down your knife and fork between bites if it will help.

Chances are you’ll eat about half of your food and realize you really don’t need to eat anymore. Eating slower gives the stomach time to notify the brain no more food is necessary.

5. Eggs Over Bread

a carton of eggs sitting on the table

It has been established that people who eat eggs instead of a bread-based breakfast can lose up to 65% more weight. Adding a little cheese to your omelet will provide more than enough calcium and protein to start the day on a weight-losing note.

Another effective suggestion is to start any big meal with an apple. Research at the University of Iowa shows that apples release a specific hormone called GLP-1, which curbs your hunger hormones and helps you to eat less.

6. One Raw Meal Every Day

No, a raw meal once every day doesn’t sound like a treat, but losing a substantial amount of weight in two weeks will require focus and determination. And if you want to see results, get back to the basics, in a manner of speaking.

Raw fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of enzymes, nutrients, and promotes a healthy digestive system. Use one raw meal every day to balance out all the starchy food that typically lead to weight gain.

7. Follow a Proven Diet Plan

Finally, if you find that you have a tough time eating healthy foods and maintaining a normal weight, you may be a good candidate for a diet plan.

If losing a lot of weight in your first two weeks is your main goal, then there are some options that you may want to consider.

nutrisystem lean 13 for men

The first is Nutrisystem. With their latest diet plan, they’re offering to help guys lose up to 18 pounds during their first month on the program (learn more about it).

That’s a pretty decent amount of weight lose over a four week period, and lot of that should come off during the first two weeks.

Safety is another important thing to consider when choosing a diet plan, and Nutrisystem checks the boxes when it comes to be safety and results.

It’s not going to be the end all or be all of diet plans, but it’s just one option to consider. For a full list of diet options that might work for you, be sure to check out for all of the top-rated diets that we have reviewed.

Once you read through those, you should find something that will help you reach your goals.

A Final Thought

Of course, there are so many other things you can do to lose weight, but it’s about approaching the problem through all the variables.

Don’t just focus on one thing when there are so many elements that cause weight gain in the first place.

Stay focused on the big picture, and you will reach your goals one way or the other!


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