Top 10 Foods that Can Boost Your Brain Power & Productivity

Top 10 Foods That Improve Productivity And Focus

a herd of buffalo wonders through a pasture. bison is a great food for boosting productivity

There’s no denying the strong link between a good diet with the right foods and the overall health and energy levels of the individual. Some foods give an energy burst, but then result in a massive crash afterward, some give a steady bit of energy, and then there are superfoods that can boost your energy, your brain, and overall will make you far more productive.

Often named “Superfoods,” the reason each of these boost productivity can vary but in the end they all lead to the same thing: being very healthy foods that feed the body in a wide array of ways.

When you can think more clearly, have more energy, and feel better because you’re in better health, you’re more productive by nature.

Our Top-Ten Productivity Boosting Foods:

Read on to see the 10 foods that will help you take your productivity to the next level!

1: Salmon

salmon with salad makes a great brain boosting meal

Salmon is the very definition of a superfood. One of the healthiest foods in the world, this source of protein is rich in nutrients, Omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart, high density in minerals the body needs to stay healthy, and rises even above many other fatty fish options as a truly outstanding food choice.

Add in the fact that studies have shown individuals who eat a diet with salmon show far less anxiety, stress, and depression and it’s not out of line to call this food a mood enhancer, as well.

When you think clearly, feel good, and have your fill of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, you are going to be productive.

2: Bison

bison meat is a healthy brain booster

Bison is a red meat that is much harder to come by than other options but if you have a great local organic butcher or meat market in the area then it is definitely one you should try out!

Aside from having the unusual distinction of being one of the only red meats that is abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids usually found only in fish, bison meat is incredibly lean, has a fraction of the calories of beef, but more protein (see our favorite protein sources here).

Add in the fact this meat also contains the rare Omega-6 fatty acid as well as being low in cholesterol.

Bison also has the distinction of being full of CLA (read about our favorite CLA supplement here), a compound that is known as being both a good fat blocker as well as an active anti-carcinogen.

Bison is serious fuel for your body’s fire.

3: Avocado

Avocado not only gives your body good fat calories that help up the energy levels but it has been shown to help improve the blood flow around the heart and that better blood flow through the body means better blood flow to the brain.

an avacado sliced in half

There’s nothing better for preventing brain fog, sharpening your mental acuteness, and helping you be more productive on the day.

4: Walnuts

Nuts, in general, can be a great way to boost energy level as these have a solid amount of calories, protein, iron, and various hard to get minerals all in a small easy to snack on package.

While you will want to avoid glazed, salted, or otherwise altered walnuts that add a sugar boost (and crash) or hurt your overall health, in moderate amounts walnuts are a great booster and are known to contain serotonin, a proven mood booster.

5: Spinach

a spinach smoothie is a very healthy nootropic snack

In general leafy greens are amazing foods period, but Popeye’s favorite snack does a lot more than boost iron levels and help the body absorb more protein to build muscle.

Spinach is full of the same healthy macronutrients you can only get from leafy green vegetables while also being shown to have a noticeable effect on slowing or stopping cognitive decline both during the day and over the long run.

Clear thinking is a good thing when you need to focus on getting things done.

6: Green Tea

Long seen as a positive and healthy drink, not only is green tea being lauded for its weight loss and anti-cancer properties but it has plenty of ingredients that help to fight stress, balance mood, and a little bit of healthy caffeine from a non-sugar source means an energy boost without the conventional crash that all too many soda drinkers are familiar with.

7: Blueberries

blueberries are a natural food option

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, and while they have a natural healthy sugar like most fruits, these stand apart because for some reason they tend to temper cravings as opposed to feed them.

Several studies even show that blueberries can help boost short-term attention and memory, making them an outstanding super food for students, interns, and workers alike.

These are on virtually any “top food” list and they are an all-star when it comes to boosting and supporting productivity, as well!

8: Tuna

Fatty fish are good for health for a variety of reasons, and although it might not be salmon, it’s worth noting that tuna is no slouch, either! Vitamin B6 is known to be linked to the systems in the body that cause motivation, and a single serving of tuna has 2/3 of what you’re supposed to get for an entire day!

Add in some serious protein, the right kind of good calories, and tuna is an awesome choice for when you need to be at your best through an entire day.

9: Roast Beef (Grass Fed & Organic)

grass fed cows make for healthy beef

Beef is a catch-22 type of food, but if you can get the grass-fed organic roast beef, then by all means, go to town if you want the right type of energy to stay productive!

Organic roast beef will be free of the additives you want to avoid, much leaner than grain feet counterparts, and includes some heavy duty iron, one of the most important minerals the body needs to stay focused and make sure that the nutrients and vitamins from every other food you eat get to where they’re going.

Organic grass-fed beef, in general, is very good for you in moderate amounts, but that is the key as nutrients and effects on the body vary greatly based on how the cow was raised and fed before being turned into meat.

If you can’t guarantee the roast beef (or beef in general) is organic then skip it.

10: Bananas

a whole bunch of bananas

Bananas didn’t make their way to breakfast and as a snack food by accident.

While you always want to watch how much sugar you take in, bananas have healthy natural glucose and the body can easily turn that into energy to help you push through the day.

Add in a wide array of healthy vitamins and the fact it is actually filling and you have an outstanding option for meal or snack, and a healthy natural way to quickly make more energy available to your mind and body for use.

However since even fruit glucose is sugar, make sure to eat in moderation to avoid too much sugar or the sugar crash that can come with it if you take in too much without burning it off.

Final Thoughts & Bonus Tip: Water is Key!

There’s no doubt about it: dehydration means not only feeling worse and having headaches (or just not feeling well in general) but those who drink more water make sure their body’s systems are functioning at 100%.

Staying hydrated is crucial to stay in a good mood, stay mentally clear & focused, and to make sure every system in your body is working so you get the absolute most out of every single piece of food you eat.




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