The Harvard Healthy Eating Plate [2018] What’s for Dinner?

the harvard healthing eating plate

Medical experts at the Harvard School of Public Health have combined with editors at Harvard Health Publications to illustrate flaws in the current dietary guidance offered by America’s government.

The US government came out with an initiative titled “MyPlate” with the goal of helping illustrate what a healthy diet encompasses.

While the initiative was a positive one, the Harvard School of Public Health revealed issues with how it was set up. There were real flaws that would put people in danger of not achieving the necessary nutrients to remain healthy.

To combat this, they have come out with the “Harvard Healthy Plate.”

Here is more on the Harvard Healthy Plate.

What is the Healthy Plate?

The Harvard Healthy Plate is designed as a means to create balanced, healthy meals for people of all ages to follow.

This guide illustrates what a serving should include.

The Harvard Healthy Plate encompasses fruits/vegetables, water, whole grains, healthy proteins, and healthy oils. It creates a wholesome package you’re able to work with like a formula. It still allows you to tweak things around and pick specific foods in those food groups while maintaining appropriate percentages.

This guide was created to emphasize diet quality more than the raw numbers (i.e., calories, carbs, fats) because this disregards nutrients. It aims to offer a wholesome, all-inclusive solution in contrast to MyPlate.

Benefits of Harvard Healthy Plate

1: It’s Healthy (Duh)

It’s a healthy diet option that works well for all situations.

It doesn’t restrict you based on what’s consumed as long as the food groups and percentages are followed. This provides tremendous leeway to individuals who are using the Harvard Healthy Plate to build their serving. No matter which approach is chosen, the result is always a healthy plate of food.

What more can a person ask as they are looking to eat healthily and remain fit?

Harvard Healthy Plate is designed to simplify the process and make it attainable for the average person who wants to eat right.

2: Balanced Meals

It’s one thing to eat healthily and another to eat balanced meals.

There is nothing worse than eating a meal where everything is “healthy, ” but it doesn’t include specific food groups. For example, one might end up eating 100% fruits/vegetables, but that’s not healthy because various nutrients are ignored.

It’s important to look into other food groups such as whole grains or healthy proteins. If those balanced meals aren’t present, the body is going to start to worsen over time and not feel as good. It’s important to make appropriate changes to stay balanced, and that’s why the Harvard Healthy Plate was created.

3: Easy To Follow

The advantage of this Harvard Healthy Plate involves a solution that’s easy to follow.

No one wants to pick up a solution that is complicated and impossible to follow. This is where the Harvard Healthy Plate is comprehensive and delivers prominent results to those who adhere to its core tenets. The team at Harvard School of Public Health have dug deep into the subject to ensure it’s accurate.

This information is valuable to those who are looking to take the next step with their meal preparation on a daily basis. It is an excellent way to stay healthy for a long time.

Meal Examples

What about real-life examples of implementing the plan and using it in your day-to-day routine?

In the end, there’s no value to a diet plan that can’t be used on a regular basis. This is why the Harvard Healthy Plate is ideal since it helps break things down into manageable portions. It never becomes overwhelming for you or anyone else.

The Harvard Healthy Plate involves the use of simple strategies to maximize what you’re consuming.

For example, use healthy oils (olive) and eliminate sugary drinks. They also illustrate how many portions you should consume during the day. It breaks everything down, so you don’t have to guess while still leaving room for personalization.

Final Thoughts

This is why the Harvard Healthy Plate has caught the attention of medical experts and is being claimed as a better alternative to “MyPlate.” It has a compact, easy to follow solution that works with modern requirements while giving a balanced plan for everyone to follow.


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