How Does Weight Watchers Work in 2018?

One of the greatest and most varied things in life is food. Not only is it a crucial part of keeping us nourished, healthy and strong, but is can also be delicious. Most people love food and it can be really hard to not over-indulge, and to eat a healthy diet all of the time. However, it is possible to eat healthy food that tastes delicious and helps you improve your lifestyle – and this is made possible through well-designed diet programs like Weight Watchers. While some of these systems may seem complicated, Weight Watchers is a highly effective and easy to follow system of healthy eating, that produces amazing weight loss results when implemented correctly.

If you are like me, I am sure you have searched the internet for ways to eat healthily, and shed a few pounds in the process. On one of your searches, you may have stumbled upon Weight Watchers (read our full review here) or perhaps you have heard about it from a family member, friend or coworker and are wondering if it works and exactly how it works.

In this article, we will discuss exactly how the Weight Watchers program works, so you know what to expect after signing on.

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Beyond the Scale

The Beyond Scale program by Weight Watchers was introduced to the general public in late 2015, the emphasis of this program is based on three crucial components; having a healthy and balanced diet; incorporating a fitness program that suits your personal lifestyle; and establishing the connections as well as skills that will help you tune into and unlock your inner strengths.

What members are encouraged to do is to develop an overall eating pattern of food with lower calorie, sugar, and saturated fat content and with higher protein content. The great thing is that you are allowed to eat whatever you please — as long as you adhere to your personal daily SmartPoints target; this is a number which is based on your age, gender, height, and weight.

You do not have to be concerned about feeling hungry, the daily points are always enough to allow you to enjoy three meals per day as well as a minimum of two snacks. Every member also provided with a certain amount of weekly SmartPoints, these are personalized for each individual and allow plenty of flexibility.

Studies have actually shown that programs such as Weight Watchers which also provide group meeting and emotional support lead to a much higher level of success in comparison with diets that take a more do-it-yourself approach. Here are some specifics of how it works and what the Weight Watchers Program provide:

Healthy Recipes

how does weight watchers work

By being a Weight Watchers member, you are allowed access to thousands of recipes free of charge; these can be accessed on the company’s website or off a mobile app. The recipes include preparation, serving size, time it takes to cook, the level of difficulty and user reviews. You do not have to guess the SmartPoints value of these recipes as they are each stamped with their own.

Great Taste

As mentioned above, there are no off-limit foods so if you want an ice cream cone, enjoy. All that Weight Watchers does is help you tweak your favorite recipes and control the portions you eat so that you are eating meals which are as healthy as possible. Keep in mind that there is a vast array of company endorsed recipes so you will definitely find some options you love.


The satisfied feeling you experience when you have eaten enough is called satiety by the experts in nutrition and its importance is something they emphasize. Since the program emphasizes eating foods that will help you feel full for longer periods of time, you will not feel hungry during the process.

Alcohol – Can You Drink it?

As with everything, moderation is key. If alcohol is something you like to indulge in, you can use the cocktail and beer “cheat sheets” provided by the company to help you make smarter choices. They do cost points so you will have fewer points towards food if you knock back a few drinks.

Dining Out

Guess what, you can do restaurants. Just use your Weight Watchers “Menu Master” and you will have the low down on the nutritional value of the meals served at hundreds of restaurants, you will also receive tips in making restaurant substitutions that are healthier. People on diets that are not flexible have a hard time at restaurants, however since no foods are required or banned with Weight Watchers, you will not.

Time Savers

There is also the option of purchasing products from Weight Watchers that are packaged at your grocery store, ideal for the days you do not feel like cooking. You can get cereal, breakfast sandwiches, mini cheeseburgers and even some delicious ice cream treats.


It is easy to check the value points of what you are eating, regardless of whether you are online or on the street. You are able to use the website or a mobile app; there is also a pocket calculator or pocket guide just in case you do not have access to a computer or smartphone. For those with an Apple Watch, you can actually voice track the food you eat with the Weight Watcher Apple Watch app.


With the use of the mobile app provided by Weight Watchers, you will have food and fitness tracking methods that are personalized, you are also able to connect with other Weight Watchers members via status updates and photo sharing and you will receive advice from a coach who is someone that has already participated in this program.

Bottom Line:

All of the above-mentioned features and aspects of the Weight Watchers program come together to not only help you eat a more healthy diet, but to also begin learning how to live a healthier life that you control. That combined with the emotional and group support is what makes Weight Watchers is one of the most effective weight loss and maintenance programs available today. Learn more about their latest discounts and weight loss programs at their official website

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