How Long Does it Take for CLA Safflower Oil to Work for Weight Loss [2018]

The abbreviation CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid. It’s a component of safflower oil, one of the most beneficial vegetable oils out there. CLA has been identified as a potent weight loss ingredient but how long does it take for noticeable results to occur?

How Does CLA Work?

So many people are afraid of fats, especially when it comes to weight loss. The truth of the matter is, however, that certain fats are beneficial and they could even be used to slim down. CLA is one such lipid.

There is some evidence that the sufficient intake of CLA helps the body lose some fat while also building lean muscle. In a sense, CLA can be used to “reshape” the body through a change in its composition.

A few studies show that CLA helps for the faster burning of fat, for promoting hormonal balance and curbing sugar cravings. All of these mechanisms are essential as far as weight loss is concerned.

One interesting study carried out in China and published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2012 showed that people taking CLA supplements lost more weight than those who didn’t use a supplementation product during their weight loss efforts.

Obviously, the results will be dependent on the proper dosage of linoleic acid. Every supplement manufacturer features a specific amount of the essential fatty acid in their products. Research suggests that adequate weight loss results will be experienced by people who take approximately 1,000 milligrams of conjugated linoleic acid per day.

How Long Until You Lose Weight with CLA?

Knowing that a weight loss supplement is effective will obviously be required to choose the right product on the market. When doing the research, however, you’ll probably be wondering about the amount of time it takes to see results.

The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors.

The weight of the person at the start of the program, the foods that they eat and their activity level will affect weight loss, even when a high quality CLA supplement is chosen.

According to some research, approximately six weeks of regular CLA taking will be required to lose a reasonable, noticeable amount of weight. Obviously, patience is the key factor. Slower weight loss is very important because the rapid dropping of numerous pounds can easily contribute to the dreaded yo-yo effect. Getting to the desired outcome in a slower, consistent way is one of the prerequisites for keeping the great results.

Another very important thing to remember is that CLA helps for the loss of fat and for the building of muscle.

Thus, weight isn’t the right metric to be measuring during the supplementation program.

A much better idea would be to measure the body fat percentage. A body fat percentage that’s going down means that the nasty fat deposits are broken down and they’re being replaced by lean muscle. Thus, even if a weight change isn’t taking place, there will still be fat loss and changes in the shape of the body.

Final Verdict: Is CLA Worth it?

Research about the weight loss power and the health benefits of CLA is ongoing. Preliminary studies are promising and many people have already gotten to witness the positive results.

The big question remains – is CLA worth it for weight loss?

The answer appears to yes, for many folks. People who take the right supplement find it easier to drop the pounds and to keep the results. Finding the right supplement, however, is the biggest essential. The market features numerous options and these aren’t created equal.

Another key thing to remember is that at least a bit of a lifestyle change will be required. High-quality supplements can speed up fat loss but they can’t bring miracles to the table. If you’re stuffing yourself with fast food and you don’t move at all, chances are that CLA isn’t going to be particularly beneficial for the reshaping of your body.

Conjugated linoleic acid is natural, healthy and classified as an essential amino acid (one that cannot be produced by the human body). As such, it’s completely safe and it can contribute to your wellbeing in a number of ways. If you need a bit of a push to lose weight, CLA may be the option to try. While the results are not going to be immediate, a definite change in body shape will occur in a few weeks.

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