How Much Weight Can You Lose with CLA Safflower Oil? [2018 Update]

how many pounds can you drop with cla oil and exercise

Obesity is a serious issue in the United States, and for many people, the struggle comes in needing something just a little bit extra to add to the diet and exercise to push them over the hump and keep that momentum moving forward. The more studies that are done on supplements, nutrition, and the human body, the more it becomes clear that the body is a complex system and many times even the smallest of changes can have an impressive domino effect of consequences. Some studies on CLA safflower oil have brought this supplement to the forefront because of very interesting results in controlled studies.

So that brings up the questions everyone wants to know: How much weight can you lose with CLA safflower oil? How much will it actually help? and how long will it take to lose weight with CLA? ….let’s take a look:

The Claims

Keeping in mind that these can change (or be confirmed) with more studies, there are several points to bring back from early studies that make CLA safflower oil interesting as a weight loss supplement. While there are limited studies, a short list shows the following potential benefits that come from the use of CLA safflower oil:

  • Loss of fat around the abdomen area
  • Appetite suppression
  • Lowering of bad cholesterol
  • Preserves (or even increases) lean body mass

This is a heck of a short list of positive effects. Each one individually by itself is even a positive that can definitely have a noticeable correlation with further weight loss.

Perhaps most encouraging of all is the fact that there are several different effects that are positive for healthy weight loss that all seem to be associated with this supplement, and the more ways it works to help reduce body fat and encourage weight loss, the better!

Appetite Control

The less hungry you are, the less you are going to eat. That’s a pretty simple explanation and it is easy to see how fewer calories equates to easier weight loss. Aside from the obvious math of how that works, it’s commonly been shown that high carbs and sweets tend to rev up the appetite. Having less of an appetite can also sometimes mean fewer cravings for those high-calorie junk food options that will go straight to massive body fat around the waist.

Lose Stomach Fat

This was a really unusual and surprising effect that came out during one of the studies. Generally speaking its been widely accepted that fat around the abdomen tends to be particularly unhealthy and indicates deeper health issues in the body. This is also an area where many people want to see fat most quickly melt away from, so the study that showed major loss of fat from this area is really intriguing.

This goes hand in hand with the next listed benefit. Some people didn’t lose any weight at the end of six weeks, but they seemed to have lost pounds of fat from around the abdomen and gained an equal amount of lean muscle mass elsewhere on the body. This combination, and the ability to have a supplement that could help make sure fat melts away from the most dangerous place it can be on your body first, is something that can’t be ignored.

Promotes Lean Body Mass

This is by far and away the most interesting and exciting potential benefit that comes with using a CLA safflower oil supplement. Muscle mass not only makes exercise easier, but more muscle means a much higher resting metabolism, meaning your body burns more calories just from existing. More calories burned a day, more strength to keep your exercise plan on track, and not losing muscle while dieting are major benefits.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Hey, less bad cholesterol helps knock down heart disease. That keeps you healthier, minimizes the chance of heart issues while exercising, and helps buy you time as you continue to lose the weight that needs to come off for long-term benefit.

Final Verdict

When it comes to CLA safflower oil, there’s little denying the exciting potential properties it has to help you speed up the process of fat loss and going from out of shape and feeling down about your body to a shape that is healthier and gets you feeling better about yourself and your life!

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