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Losing weight is difficult, even for people who understand the principles of weight loss and how to eat a healthy diet.

The fact is that no matter how studiously you count calories and track your daily activity level, if you can’t control your hunger and cravings, you will end up succumbing to the temptation to binge.

The secret, for many people, is to control their cravings through meal replacement shakes, or to take things that can help to block hunger pangs.

IdealShake from IdealShape claims that does exactly that.

The question is, does it really work?

In this IdealShake review, we’ll supply the answers…

Ideal Shake Flavors

IdealShake is available in several flavors:

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  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Cream Pie
  • Salted Caramel
  • Orange
  • Seasonal Flavors

The idea is that you replace one of your meals (lunch is my favorite meal to swap) with the shake, and that it will stop you from feeling hungry for up to three hours after you drink it.

The shake fills you up, but doesn’t contain a lot of calories. You can, if you wish, replace two of your daily meals with these shakes, but of course you should always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss or meal replacement plan.

Most healthy people can typically do this without worrying about becoming malnourished because IdealShake Contains protein, fiber, and 22 of the most important vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

All of this is offered in a delicious tasting package that makes you feel like you’re enjoying a cheat meal, even though you’re really drinking something highly nutritious!

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Our First IdealShake Shipment:

How Much Does IdealShake Cost?

IdealShake is affordable, too – it works out at just $1.67 per meal, which means that you’re getting great value when you consider what you normally spend on lunch or other meals.

If you really think about how much you probably spend on meals when eating out or even going to the grocery store, it’s probably a lot more than $2.00 per meal.

If you replace those meals with an IdealShake, then you’ll be saving a lot of money while you’re working towards your weight loss and health goals!

Shake Ingredients

the nutrition facts for the chocolate idealshake

Nutrition Facts from Chocolate IdealShake.

The ingredients in IdealShake are designed to block hunger, while also giving you energy.

The shake is essentially a high fiber protein shake (which means that it stops you from losing too much muscle mass while you’re losing fat), and it also helps to keep you feeling full for longer.

The shake contains milk, and it also contains soy lecithin. Note that this is not the same as soy protein, so if you are avoiding soy protein for any reason, you don’t have to worry about that.

For a full list of the typical ingredients check out the picture we’ve included!

Who Should Drink IdealShake?

IdealShake is a good option for people who are trying to lose weight, but it is not a ‘diet pill’. You will still need to follow a healthy lifestyle, and you will still need to eat at a calorie deficit for weight loss to happen.

The manufacturers know this, however, and that’s why they offer the IdealShape weight loss plan – a plan that will help you to stay under your daily calorie goals, while still losing weight.

The IdealShape weight loss plan combines the meal replacements with sensible, portion controlled meals. It’s up to you how you to decide how you want to space this out, but they provide a pretty comprehensive plan for you to follow, which I highly recommend.

For example, you could have a regular breakfast, and then a shake at lunch time and even a shake for your evening meal if you’re really trying to drop a fair amount of weight. Some people skip breakfast to save calories for later in the day, but that’s probably only a good idea if you know you won’t snack.

Most recently I have been using meal replacement shakes like IdealShake alongside intermittent fasting, which has produced some pretty awesome results – but I’ll save that for another post :).

Are the Shakes Easy to Make?

three shake pouches on my dinner table

You can make the shake with water, milk, or even almond milk. If you’re really trying to keep the calorie count low, then water might be your best bet, but I personally like to use almond milk – it makes the shake have a better texture and thickness, and almond milk adds a lot of nutritious elements to your shakes.

That said,  the Slendesta Hunger Blocker is already pretty smooth and creamy, so if you do end up using water it still has a pretty decent texture.

Once you’ve lost the weight, you have to keep trying to eat at a deficit. If you just go back to your normal eating habits, you will gain the weight back. So you have a few choices moving forward: You can either stick with smoothies for an occasional meal or try to find other ways to save calories such as cutting down on soda or cutting out high-calorie snacks.

I found that after using shakes for a few weeks my body got used to not eating as much. My stomach shrank, and my cravings dissipated. Because I wasn’t eating lots of potato chips, chocolate, or other junk, I just wasn’t as hungry as I used to be. This meant that it was easy to eat less.

I’d just got a better relationship with food over time, and I still use shakes as part of my daily routine as I mentioned above.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not eating well either – I still eat a delicious, and decent-sized dinner, which I have to look forward every day.

Final Thoughts

a tub of chocolate peanut butter IdealShake

IdealShape as a program is an interesting weight loss solution. You might be skeptical – justifiably so – if you’ve seen or tried other shake-based weight loss programs that offer less support, or that simply replace your meals with something akin to a standard protein shake that is chalky and not really all that tasty.

IdealShake tastes better than most rival shakes (in my opinion at least), and it’s Kosher too, so it suits people who have to follow that sort of diet. It’s a simple, effective and efficient solution to sticking to a calorie budget.

IdealShake does not contain stimulants. It will not ‘boost your metabolism’. This means that you will have to stick to whatever your usual calorie limit is – and for women, especially smaller women, that can be a pretty low limit.

My maintenance is just 1,400 calories per day since I’m quite short. To lose, I need 1,200. This doesn’t give me a lot of room to play with, so I opted to take two shakes a day and one meal, but I didn’t feel hard done by doing this.

I’m happy with the no stimulant policy, though. This means I don’t have to worry about getting jittery, or struggling to sleep. IdealShake just lets me get on with my day to day life, and not have to worry about side effects.

IdealShake will work for you if you can be disciplined about not drinking extra calories, or snacking between meals.

It helps with this by stopping you feeling hungry, but you still need to put some work in yourself. If you can do that, though, it really will make all the difference to your body, and help you reach your weight loss goals.

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