Jenny Craig Reviews

How Jenny Craig Works

The awesome food of Jenny Craig

Let’s begin by dissecting this amazing weight loss program and see what it has to offer. The Jenny Craig (JC) Weight Loss Program is designed for those who wish to get rid of their excess fat and live a healthier lifestyle. Upon purchase, a tiered weight loss program is sent to the client to begin the process. In this program, a person is not only going to be taught about changes required for the body but dietary enhancements as well in terms of what is being consumed. To aid a person in this journey, pre-packaged meals are provided.

There are different plans depending on what a person is willing to go for. A consultant is able to help the client through these steps to ensure the right decision is made and the journey is tracked from day one. It is a comprehensive process in which a complete change is made to ensure the client is able to put their best foot forward as desired. The meeting is not necessary for those who prefer an ‘in-home’ option where all resources are provided online and can be found with a click of the button.

Caloric intake is reduced to around 1,200-1,300, but customized options are in place to ensure results come as needed. Within this caloric amount, the best foods are on offer to ensure things work out as intended.

The importance of a proper diet should not be overlooked. Starvation is not a solution. It is a menace which should be eradicated as soon as possible. Proper diet and exercise is the only way to go and that is what this program is going to guide clients through.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

What about the costs associated with using the Jenny Craig program? Let’s move onto how much this is going to pinch you in the wallet/purse. The total is going to vary dependent upon the program one chooses and how it is customized to suit your needs and weight loss goals. Each person is going to be different and that is a big part of the process, so you will really want to narrow down your choices before deciding which plan to go with.

There are two specific packages one can decide from. The first package is currently $19 per month (with a $99 enrollment fee) while the next package is going to cost you $39 per month (with no enrollment fee). In the second package, you are also going to get a free consultation every week as well to help track results along the way. Personally, users report that the personal consult is an essential element to keeping you motivated and on track when it comes to reach your goals. If you have the $39 to spend each month, the extra perks are definitely worth it!

For the food, you are getting and the time being saved, this is a valuable payment to make as it will keep you full without a doubt.

Jenny Craig Food

Let’s move onto the main aspect of this change in our life and that is going to come in the form of what is being consumed. Let’s browse through the menu to see what is on offer. There are so many options and the value they have to offer will be touched upon below in the benefits subsection.

The food items on the menu include the likes of Asian Style Chicken, Blueberry Pancakes, Chicken Carbonara, Cheese Curls, Chocolate Dream Shakes, and much more! The list of great food is endless. You are going to adore the menu in terms of the range on offer.

In terms of the menu, this would make everyone’s mouth water let alone someone who is on a diet. The beauty is in finding full value along the way and ensuring the directions are followed as stated without fail.

Program Benefits 

The menu is essential when considering a program of this nature. If you are not getting value from the food being consumed, you are more likely to quit. This is a big part of why weight loss programs simply don’t work.

This program is great because the attention to detail is immediately noticeable. The food choices are fantastic and you are going to enjoy them right away. Your palette will enjoy these food items and that is a major benefit for one and all using the program.

The food is not only great but is made to help lose weight. The nutritional profile of these food items will bring a smile to one’s face as they have made sure full value is bring brought to your plate. It is one thing to eat foods which are low in calories and another to get full nutritional benefits as well along the way. This is what the program is able to do for you.


Does it work? Yes, this is going to work like a charm for most people and you are going to enjoy it every step of the way. What other program is able to do this for people? As long as you follow the system they design for you, pretty much everyone will have success with Jenny Craig.

This is a power-packed option and the best part is you are going to love it. When you love it, you are not going to feel the changes being made at all. The results are going to come in a hurry when you become committed to the process.