How to Lose Neck Fat – Can I Actually Get My Face Back?

how to lose neck fat

You will find a host of websites and beauty magazines promoting instant results from neck and facial muscle exercises for targeting neck fat and achieving a long slender section under the chin, you can bet they are after your money. The truth won’t cost a thing, exerting your neck muscles will give you a pain in the neck and burn very few important calories that will reduce unsightly pockets of stored energy.

If you are looking for the fastest way to addressing this problem area, you will find the best results are slow and steady. Begin by removing any hopes to have the turkey waddle gone by Thanksgiving. This way you can take a slow and intuitive approach to addressing body fat that will achieve the most health and attractive results in the long run — because health is beautiful.

Create an Environment for Total Body Fat Loss

The first thing to do is to begin lowering your body fat levels to a more appropriate register. Different bodies begin stuffing their “fat” pockets in different locations, for some it may be the thighs or upper arms for others the neck region grows first.

As your body gets closer to an ideal percentage of body fat, the pockets are progressively emptied. Women are looking for a 20 to 25% body fat reading and men will push this to 15 to 20% body fat which will eliminate the majority of fat pockets.

Begin interfacing with your fat percentage by creating a calorie deficit, which means you will be regularly burning off more calories than you consume daily. As your body begins to grow accustomed to a regular supply of nutritious food and regular exercise that burns this energy it will begin contributing to the efforts by releasing stored fats.

You can’t command the body to begin by removing the fat in the face or neck, you will simply have to stick to the plan until these pockets are scheduled for burning. Use an online calorie calculator to measure this process carefully. As a matter of fact, there are many online resources that can provide ample information on how to achieve and effective calorie deficit for you.

Eat Food That Supports a Healthy Face

For a face and neck that is trim and tight rather than round and saggy, you will want foods that contribute to this. This will include healthy choices of fruits and veggies as well as whole grains and lean organic meats.

When calculating your daily calorie intake, be sure that the calories you are ingesting are coming from such healthy food sources as these. This will allow you to maximize your energy processing facility rather than stressing it out by pumping it full of processed foods and the many toxins that inhabit the food industry in this day and age.

Refined grains and high-sugar content is especially damaging to the skin of the face and neck and can actually flatten out the collagen that keeps this skin smooth and healthy.

It will be equally important to ensure your daily calorie intake includes the high-quality carbs and proteins that will fuel your exercise routines and keep you making consistent progress toward your weight loss goals.

Finally, never forget the essential fibers, vitamins, fats and minerals that will keep your mind and body safe from injury, exhaustion, and disease. Drinking plenty of water is a good way to combat water retention and facilitate weight fat burning as well.

If you need ideas for healthy eating, or just want a program that can guide you every step of the way, then we recommend checking out the Mayo Clinic Diet or Nutrisystem. Both produce awesome results but bring very different things to the table, so check out those links to read our reviews about both programs.

Exercises for Fat Loss

The best exercise routine for you is the one you can feasibly commit to. Aerobic activities have always burnt the most calories and never carry a high cost either. Swimming, jogging and biking are the three best options and can be practiced by just about anyone. Never forget the calorie deficit and be sure the calories being burned exceed those being consumed.

If you’re struggling to come up with ways to make exercise fun, then I recommend trying something that will actually spice things up. The Bowflex HVT is my favorite machine right now for cranking out quick workouts that aren’t boring! Check out our HVT review here.

Final Thoughts

In closing, you will also want to be sure that your new diet and exercise routines have been properly balanced with good rest and sleep habits. When the body sleeps, it recovers and achieves an important hormonal balance that allows your body to adjust to the changes you are attempting to instigate — in this case loss of fat around the neck.

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