Finding Low Calorie Alcohol – Which Drinks are Best for Dieting?

what drinks to have when dieting

These days, more and more people are becoming interested in their health and staying at a weight that is good for them. Fruit, vegetables, and fresh, clean water all contribute to a healthy lifestyle, but many adults want to enjoy themselves from time to time.

What if you want to enjoy a cocktail with the girls, or have a beer after work? Does that mean you have to disembark the path to wellness? Absolutely not!

In this article, we will discuss a few alcoholic drinks that contain minimal calories, so you can hopefully stay on track with your diet or healthy living plan.

1. Champagne


The first on our list that we will discuss today when it comes to low-calorie alcoholic drinks is champagne. Champagne is a bubbly, delicious drink that is often consumed during special occasions, such as a wedding or anniversary dinner. It is made from grapes that are grown within the Champagne region of beautiful France. It is a highly romantic alcoholic drink, but that’s not its only positive attribute. While drinking champagne, you don’t have to fear that you’re derailing your diet. A flute of champagne will only be about 90 calories, so you can have peace of mind while toasting the happy couple.

2. Rum and Diet Coke

In the mood for something a little festive after a long day at work? If you like the traditional rum and coke, you should give a rum and diet coke a try. While a rum and coke (1.5 ounces of rum and 4.5 ounces of Coca-Cola) is approximately 150 calories, a rum and diet coke is only 96. So enjoy a drink with friends from the office. You’re still on track!

3. Gin and Tonic

gin and tonic

The alcoholic drink known as Gin and Tonic is a popular one, and for good reason. It’s delicious! It’s also guilt-free, which is excellent news for those who are watching their figure. A Gin and Tonic is made using gin and tonic water, and for garnish and a bit of pop, a slice of lime is added.

If you enjoy a Gin and Tonic every now and then, you’ll be happy to know that one drink is less than 200 calories. So throw that cocktail party, and enjoy!

4. Old Fashioned

Not a fan of straight bourbon? No problem! The next time you have the craving for a yummy alcoholic drink, ask the bartender for an old fashioned bourbon cocktail. Some bitters and a dash of sugar add delicious flavor to the bourbon without packing on the calories. One old fashioned bourbon drink totals to 154 calories. So bottoms up!

5. Paloma

If you love tequila, you may think that in order to stay healthy (or get to the level of wellness you’re craving) you need to pass on the margarita. And while a margarita is not the best choice for an individual watching their figure, a Paloma is a wonderful choice to still enjoy the taste of tequila. The Paloma blends the succulent flavors of grapefruit, lime, and soda. For an even healthier drink, skip the sugar around the rim of your glass. At only 166 calories, you can enjoy this refreshing drink guilt-free!

6. Mojito

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a mojito. And what’s more? A mojito is only 166 calories. So you can skip the gym in lieu of the pool, and still stay on track with your wellness goals.

To make a mojito, mix white rum with soda water, lime, mint, and some sugar. Garnish with a slice of lime to add visual pop. With a drink as delicious as this, you’ll wish it were summer all the time! Especially since you can still rock that bikini while enjoying your adult beverage.

7. Martini


The martini is a posh, sophisticated drink. It’s also low-calorie! To keep your drink at only 176 calories, ask the bartender to whip you up a dry martini. This means that your drink will contain a little less vermouth and more liquor. So instead of worrying about your figure, you can strut around in your favorite cocktail dress while still enjoying a classic drink.

8. Gimlet

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of low-calorie alcoholic drinks is the Gimlet. For a fresh and health-conscious drink, mix your gin with freshly squeezed lime and syrup. This beverage stays guilt-free while also staying under 200 calories.


In conclusion, if you are working towards a healthy and happy you, don’t think you have to give up cocktail hour to get to where you want to be. You can still enjoy an adult beverage from time to time without derailing your progress. So try the low-calorie alcoholic drinks we have discussed within this article. You can let loose and have some fun while still being ready for bikini season. Remember to always drink responsibly, and no alcohol if you’re under 21.


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