Lyfe Tea Detox Review & Buying Guide

lyfe tea 28 day detox use for our review

LyfeTea Detox or “Teatox” as the company states is a unique entry into the market and has been earning rave reviews.

For those hoping to maximize the value of detoxification and wish to alter their body for the better, it is time to start looking for an appropriate fit. The question then becomes, which one is suitable for you?

How Much Does Lyfe Tea Cost?

blueberry flavored Lyfe Tea

This in-depth assessment of the product will illustrate what the product offers, its benefits, and whether or not it holds up when used on a consistent basis.

Cost: Starting at $19.95 (Get the BEST Price HERE)

  • Refined Blend of Traditional Herbs
  • Comes In 14 and 28 Day Packages
  • Includes Moringa and Other Supplements
  • Offers “Auto-Fill” Option For Consumers

Lyfe Tea Teatox Products

Lyfe Tea has a variety of Teatox products to choose from, including:

  • The 28 Day Teatox
  • 14 Day Teatox
  • Morning Tea Only
  • Lemon Tea Infuser
  • Matcha
  • Shaker Bottles
  • Coffeetox (a Detox that Includes Coffee)

As you can see there are bunch of great options. Head here to check them all out and lock in the best deal.

Why it Works

Easy To Use

4 pouches for the the 28 day teatox

The packets are easy to use and will provide a perfect serving every single time.

Lyfe Tea Detox is about making things simpler from the beginning. No one has to get trapped measuring packets or hoping to get the right amount to detoxify.

This is why Lyfe Tea Detox earns extra points for its setup. Everything is easy to follow and doesn’t get in the way of one’s daily routine.

It is made as an additional tool to help with digestion, energy, and weight loss goals. Its simplicity is what makes it compelling.

Tastes Great

The taste of tea has to be exemplary, or it will not suit one’s needs.

Lyfe Tea Detox has a range of flavors, and each one is magnificent in its own right. The taste settles on the tongue and is going to make one’s taste buds come alive. It is one of those products a person would consume even if the benefits weren’t there!

Yes, it is appealing, easy to digest, and a simply fantastic option for those who want to have good tea every single day. All flavors are exciting and add something unique into the mix.

Flavors include Matcha, Blueberry Matcha, Lemon, Raspberry Matcha, Coffee, Pure Green, Peppermint, and more.

Amazing Detox Results

two boxes of their 14 day teatox

The results are what matter when it comes to detoxification, and that doesn’t change here.

Even a great product is only as good as its results.

Lyfe Tea Detox is exceptional because it is tested to work and has earned rave reviews all around the world. It is the perfect fit for those who want a seamless addition to their life. It is one of those teas that is going to provide a burst of benefits that are hard to ignore.

Whether it is an increase in energy levels, weight loss, or more, you are going to see it all as a drinker.


The ingredients are 100% natural making it a joy to consume without having to fret about potential side effects.

All of the ingredients used to create this robust formula are harnessed from the finest sources. The goal is to provide a detoxification product that is ahead of the game and easy to consume. If that is a requirement for drinkers, what better way than to go with this product.

It is a natural solution and is going to cleanse the system of any impurities that are present.

Quality “Auto-Fill” Feature

their brand new coffeetox

Coffee more your style than tea? Good news – Lyfe Tea just released their new CoffeeTox!

This is a rare benefit that doesn’t come along often.

The company prides itself on spending time learning what consumers desire from their products, and that includes refills.

How can you make sure they get the supply necessary to keep things moving along?

The “Auto-Fill” feature is designed to make the second purchase simpler and cheaper.

Set up a plan and let the company send out your next kit on time at a reduced price. It is the ideal way to continue to cleanse the body and enjoy good tea on a daily basis.

This feature is a major plus point.


With any detoxification product, consumers are asked to look into the safety of a product.

Will it help me lose weight, and are Teatoxes actually safe? 

This is an important question to ask, and the brand does well in answering it. All products are made from 100% natural ingredients ensuring the results are up to scratch and safe.

These products are tested for consistency, safety, and quality.

How to Get the Best “Teatox” Results

detox meal and workout plan

While detoxing with Lyfe Tea is a great way to detox, and give your body some of the healthy nutrients you need, it’s not going to be the end all and be all when it comes to losing weight.

If weight loss is your real goal, then you’re going to have to earn.

That doesn’t mean that Lyfe Tea can’t help, but for the very best results you’re going to want to use it alongside a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Only then can you get the real weight loss results you’re hoping for. Before you do that though, you need to consult with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for a Lyfe Tea detox, and for a diet and exercise program.

Final Thoughts

Lyfe Tea Detox is a powerhouse option for those who wish to maximize efficiency with their detox solution.

This product is delicious, easy to use, and provides generous benefits in the long-run. If the goal is to get healthier and make sure it is done in the right way, you are going to want to use this solution as soon as possible.

It is the perfect fit for those who want to an awesome detox option

Plus, it works well and is safe to use for most folks.

Right now is a great time to try Lyfe Tea! Visit the link below to learn more and to lock in their latest discounts.

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