The Marie Osmond Diet Plan [2018] How Much Weight Did She Lose with Nutrisystem?

the secret to marie osmonds diet plan

As one of their most visible spokespeople, it’s no secret that Nutrisystem played a huge role in Marie Osmond’s weight loss in recent years. In fact, she reportedly lost 50 LBS. following their plan!

So how did she do it? Well, according to Marie, she was pretty overweight and out of shape. She didn’t feel good, was more tired than usual, and she even had achy joints! As a result, her confidence was shattered. Know the feeling? Me too…

Just like many of us, she wasn’t happy with the way she looked or felt. Honestly, I can relate – I first tried the Nutrisystem diet several years ago due to many of these same reasons!

As a busy single mom, Marie says the stress of and business of life eventually took a toll. Before she knew it she had packed on an extra 50 pounds. She wasn’t happy with the way she looked, or felt, so she went looking for a program that could help get her back on track.

Enter Nutrisystem…

When Marie first signed on with Nutrisystem her goal was pretty simple: Get healthy. But, she was also happy with some of the other “side effects” that can come when you follow the Nutrisystem diet correctly: She found that her waistline and backside had both also gotten smaller as a result of her weight loss, and she says she was very happy about that.

Marie Talks About Her Weight Loss…

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More Energy

With the new weight loss and health, Marie also found that she had a renewed sense of energy. According to her testimonial, it had been at least 10 years since she had the energy she has now, thanks to Nutrisystem.

Nowadays, she is able to enjoy activities like biking and rock climbing, and many other things she often avoided when she was overweight.

She feels better and younger than she has in years, so who says you can’t turn back time ;-).

Family Support

Marie says she’s like most us and appreciates getting compliments, especially when they’re from the people you love most.

She says her brothers we shocked to see how much weight she had lost, and were so impressed, she even helped get three of them enrolled in the Nutrisystem program.

The best compliment, though, came courtesy of her teenage daughter, who told her mom she looked like a “hottie.”

Diet Tips from Marie

Osmond says when you finally decide it’s time to get your life back on track, the decision is going to have to be yours. “Nobody can tell you to lose weight,” Marie says. “You have to be self-motivated. You have to DECIDE to be healthy.” If you’ve decided that it

If you’ve decided that it’s time to lose weight, feel better about yourself, and get your health back on track, then it may be time to consider a meal delivery diet like Nutrisystem…

Getting Started with Nutrisystem

marie osmond loses more than 50 lbs

Marie lost more than 50 pounds thanks to the Nutrisystem diet program, and now you can too! Right now they have a variety of plans to choose from, and you can typically get started for less than $300 per month. Not bad, when you consider that includes most of the food you’re going to need for an entire month!

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