Mayo Clinic Diet Reviews & Cost [2018 Update] How Fast Does it Work?

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When it comes to diets, we do our best to recommend choosing a company or program that has a strong reputation for producing real, long-term results. When it comes to places you can trust, the Mayo Clinic is one of the most well-known and highly-respected hospitals in the United States, if not the world. That’s why when they announced they were introducing a free trial with the launch of the new Mayo Clinic Diet Plan, we knew we had to check it out.

The Mayo Clinic Diet plan is designed to help you make permanent changes to your diet and exercise routines, so you can become a healthier person for life. In my opinion, that should be the goal for all of us when it comes to losing weight and becoming a healthier person. If we aren’t making changes that we can incorporate into our lives

In my opinion, that should be the goal for all of us when it comes to losing weight. If we aren’t making changes that are permanent, then your chances for success are pretty low, which means you’ll probably end up gaining all of the weight back, and that’s something none of us want. We start a diet with the best of intentions, but as many of us know, it’s hard to stick with some of these crazy fad diets that many of us have tried, but finally there is something that helps us change for the better forever.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how the Mayo Clinic plan helps to make the weight loss permanent:

Long-Term Weight Loss Results with Mayo Clinic Diet

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Because the Mayo Clinic is a world-class health institution, their main goal isn’t to produce rapid-fire weight loss, but rather a system for eating and health that you can use for the rest of your life. They’re really there to teach you how to make healthy choices with your diet and exercise, and of course, as a result of these changes you will most likely lose a fair amount of weight!

They help you achieve this by showing you how to break bad habits, make subtle changes to your daily routine, and helping you find a way to eat that is healthy and sustainable. This is done by showing you how to easily eat more fruits and vegetables, getting up and moving for at least thirty minutes every day, and not eating your meals in front of the television.

In addition to these physical changes, the Mayo Clinic program is also going to work on your psychological approach too. That means helping you identify your motivating factor(s) for losing weight – maybe it’s your family, the way you look in the mirror, or you just want to look and feel healthier. Coming up with the “why” will help you stay motivated, and gives you a reason to overcome potential roadblocks and keep pushing forward.

Key Diet Details

The Mayo Clinic Diet was formulated by a team of top doctors and diet experts and is the official diet of the clinic. It really emphasizes on two main lifestyle changes:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Being More Physically Active

By adopting these “new” healthy habits, you will position yourself to lose weight, be healthier, and maintain your results and improved health for years to come.

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The Mayo Clinic approach to healthy eating is centered around their “Healthy Eating Pyramid”, which offers a visual guideline for what kinds of foods you should be eating, and which foods have the most importance:

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By utilizing their Healthy Pyramid as a template for selecting the best foods for weight loss, you should be on your way to some pretty great results. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the two key components that make up the Mayo Clinic health plan:

Lose It! – Phase 1

The Lose It! program is utilized during your first two weeks on the program, and just like the Turbo Takeoff with Nutrisystem, it is designed to jumpstart your weight loss. When followed correctly, you can potentially lose up to 6 to 10 pounds in a way that is considered safe AND healthy. During this 2 week period, you’re going to hone in on lifestyle changes that you can make – this means getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with those that will help you with your weight loss. You accomplish this by identifying five unhealthy habits that you can break and replacing them with 5 healthy habits. You then find another 5 healthy habits that you can add to your arsenal, which helps accelerate your results.

By seeing you quick results during the Lose It! phase you gain confidence, plus you put healthy habits into practice that are the key to your success during phase 2 of the diet.

Mayo Clinic Live It! – Phase 2

During Phase 2 you’re cementing your new, lifelong diet and health routines. In the Live It! phase you’re going to learn more about things like portion control, healthy food choices, exercise, meal prep and planning, and making healthy habits a permanent part of your life. This is really the time where you’re making the changes you need for lifelong success. During this time you may still be losing up to 1 to 2 pounds each week until you hit your goal.

The end goal of this phase is to show and help you to maintain your goal weight forever, which is pretty impressive in my book!

The Right Foods & Portion Sizes

Follow the Pyramid!

Looking towards the future, Mayo Clinic doesn’t want you to become overly obsessed with counting calories or fat, but rather just follow their Pyramid and you should be able to stay on the right track. This means eating most of your foods from the bottom of the pyramid and less of the foods at the top. If you’ll notice the foods that are pictured, you will be eating lots of fruits and vegetables, a decent amount of pasta, and then moderate amounts of lean proteins, dairy, and healthy fats like nuts or avocados. Sweets are at the very top of the pyramid.  so you’ll want to keep these to an absolute minimum ;-).

How Much Does the Mayo Clinic Diet Cost?

As mentioned above, the Mayo Clinic Diet costs just $4.00 per week. They actually billed in 13-week periods, so you pay $52 at the beginning of each new 13-week phase. You can cancel your membership at any time.


The Mayo Clinic Diet is one of the best and most affordable diet plans available, that when followed correctly should help you lose weight and keep it off forever. Their plan was designed by their world-class team of doctors and health experts and is an easy-to-follow system for improved health and wellness.

We highly recommend this diet to anyone looking for an expert diet and weight-loss plan from one the most well-respected health institutions in the world.

Get Your Free Diet Profile

The team at Mayo Clinic is currently offering some pretty awesome discounts on their diet program, so you can see if it’s the right plan for you. You can check out the official Mayo Clinic website to learn more or click the link below to activate your free diet profile:


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