Nutrisystem Launches Lean 13 – An Update to Their Turbo 10 Program

Nutrisystem recently announced their latest program, the Lean 13. With this brandnew offering users of the meal delivery diet system can expect to lose up to 13 pounds and drop 7 inches from their waist during their first month on the program! This latest program will help them with the weight loss push immediately following the holidays, and is pretty amazing, when you think about it! If you have more than 10 pounds to lose, then the Lean 13 is most definetely worth considering and is at the top of our list when it comes to meal delivery diets for 2017.

When you order your first shipment of Nutrisystem, Lean 13 will be included in a nicely packaged box and will include everything you need for your first week on the program. The Lean 13 is a great way to jumpstart your weight loss program, and will help your body adjust to a new way of eating. Don’t get me wrong, Nutrisystem is going to an adjustment for most people, especially those of us who have become used to eating huge meals multiple times per day.

The Lean13 is an update to their Turbo 10 Program, and the Turbo Takeoff Box is still an essential part of this program. The Takeoff Box includes EVERYTHING you will need for your first week on the program, and really helps jumpstart the weight loss.

What’s Inside the Lean 13 Turbo Takeoff Box?

With Lean 13 Nutrisystem is going to walk you through every step of the program during your first week so you can lose the most amount of weight possible. Past versions of this program included the Turbo 10 and Fast Five, which promised to help you lose put to 10 and 5 pounds respecivtely during your first week on Nutrisystem. Now, they’re stepping their game up by helping you shed up to 13 pounds and seven inches from your waist in your first full week!

What’s Inside Your First Nutrisystem Order?

If you’re ready to jumpstart your weight loss, then we definitely recommend giving Nutrisystem a shot. If you have a lot of weight to use over the coming year, then the Lean Thirteen program is going to be something you should definitely consider as well – there aren’t many programs out there than help you lose more than 10 pounds in your first week of dieting. Nutrisystem can help you do that, and more!

Check out our full review of Nutrisystem if you’re interested in a full breakdown of this program, or visit the link below to learn more about this brand new offering:

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