Nutrisystem My Way Plan – Can You Finally Lose More Than 10 Pounds?

Nutrisystem’s My Way Plan is a brand new system for weight loss that Nutrisystem recently launched, it is really meant to fit your lifestyle, and to help you lose weight without throwing a wrench into the way you do things. It’s a great option for people who are looking to get healthier and drop more than a few pounds, but who still want to have some flexibility with the foods that they eat. This means that while you’ll be eating Nutrisystem’s pre-packed food for the majority of your meals, there will be times where you get a “cheat” meal or can eat out with family and friends.


Nutrisystem currently has a couple of different options when it comes to the My Way plan – Weekends My Way and Dinners My Way. As you may have guessed from their titles, these plans are going to give flexibility with the meals you eat either on the weekends or at dinner. This means you can still enjoy sensibly portioned meals with your family and friends, either at home or at a restaurant, and still be on track to hit your weight loss goals.

With all of this being said, let’s dig a little deeper into exactly what these two My Way Plans have to offer, so you can decide if they’re the right fit for you.

Dinners My Way Plan

PRICE: Starting at $8.57 per Day

As someone with a wife and kids, this is one of my favorite offerings from Nutrisystem. It can be hard enough when you’re trying to lose weight, and you can’t enjoy a meal at home or at a restaurant with your family or friends. That’s a quick way to zap your motivation, and it can torpedo your weight loss efforts pretty quickly.

That’s what makes these My Way Plans so great, though – you can still enjoy time around the dinner table together, eating a delicious meal as a family, while still losing weight and reaching your goals.

What’s a Typical Day Look Like with Dinners My Way?

Just like with their traditional plans, you will be eating 6 portion-controlled meals over the course of the day with the Nutrisystem My Way Plans. What makes them different, however, is that you will be preparing your own healthy meal at dinner. That means Nutrisystem is going to supply 5 of your meals for the day, so here’s a good way to look at it:


Get your day going in a positive direction with a delicious Nutrisystem breakfast option – they have a lot to choose from, like oatmeal, cereal, bagels, and breakfast bars just to name a few. Their Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal is probably my favorite.

10:00 AM SNACK

Just as you’re about to feel that energy crash, Nutrisystem comes in with a perfectly portioned snack, and gives you that mid-morning boost you’ve been looking for! They offer a bunch of different snack options, but I like to drink a NutriCrush or Turbo Shake in the mornings. They offer vanilla or chocolate flavors, but both are pretty solid, in my opinion.

12:30 PM LUNCH

Some of the lunch and snack foods I enjoyed.

Who said lunch has to be boring when losing weight? Nutrisystem certainly doesn’t believe that. They offer a bunch of great-tasting options, that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of pallets. Think grilled chicken sandwiches, hearty soups, stews, nutri-bars, and more.


Another snack? Yep, just as you start to feel those hunger pains kicking in you get to reach for some fresh fruit, a yogurt, something healthy and sensible. Either way, you’re on track and hitting your goals for the day.


Enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal with family or friends. Even though this is dinner YOUR way, you won’t be reaching for a Big Mac – you want to lose weight, right? Don’t worry, though, Nutrisystem is here to help, and they’re not going to leave you wondering what kind of healthy choice you need to make. You’ll be cooking up perfectly-portioned meals like baked salmon, rice, and salad with fresh veggies. The great part about preparing dinner for yourself

The great part about preparing dinner for yourself is that you’ll be learning what it means to eat healthy, and by the time you’re ready to transition off the Nutrisystem diet plan you will know what types of food and meals to prepare in order to be healthy and help maintain your weight loss over the long term.

Smart Eating Out & Grocery Guides Included

nutrisystem my way eating guide

As I mentioned above, Nutrisystem will be walking you through exactly what it means to prepare sensible meals, so you won’t be heading to the grocery store wondering what to buy or how to cook it. Same goes with eating out – they also have a guide for eating out, including a food guide for some of the most popular restaurants out there.

Weekends My Way Plan

PRICE: Starting at $8.93 per Day

With their Weekend Plan, Nutrisystem is going to be supplying you with 5 days worth of snacks and meals, and you will be free to eat and prepare healthy food on the weekends. The Smart Eating & Grocery Guides mentioned above will be included with the Weekend plan as well, so you’ll know exactly what foods to buy, how to cook them, and what a “sensible” portion should look like.

Again, I really like these My Way Plans, because they’re going to help set you up for success whenever you decide to move on from Nutrisystem, and that’s important, right?

No one plans to be on a meal delivery diet forever, so it’s important that you learn how to eat sensibly so you can maintain your weight loss over the long term.

Your meal plan is going to look exactly like the plan we detailed above, except that you will be eating a Nutrisystem dinner during the week, along with their other meals and snacks.

The flexibility with this plan comes on the weekends, so enjoy a meal out with friends or family, or cook delicious and healthy home-cooked meals. The choice is yours!


The Nutrisystem My Way Plan is a great option for anyone who wants to lose weight through the convenience of a meal delivery diet, but who wants to have some flexibility with the meals they eat. Whether you want the option to prepare amazing home-cooked dinners for your family or want to be able to have more freedom on the weekends, they have a plan that should fit the needs of you and your family.

The My Way Plans are also the best way to set you up for success after you hit your weight loss goals, and are ready to transition off of the Nutrisystem diet plan. They teach you exactly what to buy at the grocery store, how to prepare healthy meals, and what “proper” portions should look like. You will also know what foods to eat when going out as well, so it’s a win-win really. To learn more about the My Way plans, visit the official Nutrisystem website.

Pick the Best Nutrisystem Plan for You:

nutrisystem basic
  • $9.82 / day
  • 4 Week Plan w/Turbo10
  • FREE FedEx Shipping
  • Kit with Pre-Selected Foods
  • FREE Online Tracking Tool
Nutrisystem Core
  • $10.54 / day
  • 4 Week Plan w/Turbo10
  • FREE FedEx Shipping
  • Choose From 100+ Foods
  • FREE Online Tracking Tools
  • Unlimited Support
Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours
  • $11.96 / day
  • 4 Week Plan w/Turbo10
  • FREE FedEx Shipping
  • Choose From 150+ Foods
  • FREE Online Tracking Tools
  • Unlimited Support
  • UNLIMITED Frozen Foods

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