Nutrisystem Shaker – The Best Way to Mix Your Turbo Shakes?

When it comes to Nutrisystem shakers, you’re going to be using it to mix one of two shakes – the Turbo Shakes or their NutriCrush Shakes. Both shake options can be easily mixed in a shaker, which is part of the reason they are so popular. Besides they’re easy mixing capabilities, both Nutrisystem shake options also taste great and go hand-in-hand with their diet plan.

The Nutrisystem shakes can be used as a meal or snack during the day, and are a nice way to add variety to your diet when you’re using the meal delivery plan. I like both shakes for different reasons, but both taste great and are good options for weight loss, in my opinion.

The Official Nutrisystem Shaker

the nutrisystem shaker

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PRICE: $8.99

Most shakers are going to work just fine with either shake options, but Nutrisystem does offer a nice one on their website that can be included with your order. There are times when they might offer it as a free gift when you sign up for the shakes or the meal delivery option, but it is currently listed at just under $9.00.

Their shaker can hold up to 20 ounces, is safe to use in the dishwasher, and has a metal, whisk-like ball that comes with it. This helps to mix up the shake a bit better when you’re using the shaker. The result is a shake that is free from clumps, and you get a nice frothy shake, which is more appealing than shake that is full of lumpy powder.


When you sign up for Nutrisystem you will get two different shakes to drink throughout the day. The Turbo Shakes are probably their most popular offering, and currently come in two different flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. Of course, you can order the shakes separately from the meal plan, and if you sign up for any of their meal delivery services, they’re an essential part of the program. Personally, I think chocolate is my favorite Turbo Shake flavor, but honestly, both taste great.

The TurboShakes are loaded with protein, fiber, and more than 20 essential minerals and vitamins. In addition, that to that, they also promote better digestion because they are made with probiotics. This helps break up that bloated feeling that often comes with over-eating, plus you will feel fuller for longer.

NutriCrush Shakes

These shakes are really designed to crush those hunger cravings that often come mid-morning or mid-afternoon, at least for me! These will be essential when you start the Nutrisystem program, especially if you’re used to over-eating. There definitely is an adjustment period when you start Nutrisystem, as all of the meals and snacks are portion-controlled. As long as you’re drinking these shakes though, you should experience some relief in that regard.

The NutrisCrush shakes currently come in a creamy chocolate flavor. I found that the shake tastes good, and does a nice job serving as a snack or meal during various parts of the day.

With only 150 calories per shake, they are a great option for those of us with a sweet tooth, and help knock out those hunger pains – so it’s a win-win, really!


The Nutrisystem shaker is a great add-on with your meal plan or shake orders. It fits their shake mixes perfectly, and at only $8.99 it’s super affordable. Not all shakers come with a mixing ball either, and I have found this to be an invaluable tool when mixing your shakes up. It really does help to create a richer and creamer shake, so it’s definitely something I recommend. Check out the official Nutrisystem website to learn more about their shaker!

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