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Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews & Cost

Alpha Brain is one of the most popular memory-boosting supplements from Onnit, and it has quickly become one of the most highly sought after nootropics in the health and wellness space.

It also doesn’t hurt that athletes and celebrities like Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, and Bryan Callen have all endorsed it for its ability to improve focus, memory, and cognitive processing.

In fact, Rogan even said that Alpha Brain helped him formulate sentences better, among its other brain-enhancing benefits.

Beyond just being popular in celeb circles, though, Alpha Brain has gained a loyal following with everyday people as well.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at exactly what makes AlphaBrain so popular, and why it should be on your shortlist when considering what nootropic supplement to take.

What is Alpha Brain?

a bottle of onnit alpha brain

As we mentioned above, Alpha Brain is a brain boosting supplement from Onnit labs (get the full Onnit details here), that is a part of their line of Total Human Optimization products.

According to Onnit, it has been clinically proven to help boost focus, memory, and the speed at which you process things.

If you’ve ever had problems remembering names or focusing on difficult tasks, there’s a good chance that Alpha Brain can help.

Results Backed by Research

The Alpha Brain study that Onnit refers to was conducted by the Boston Center for Memory and was recently published in the Journal of Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental, lending it further credibility.

In the study, more than 63 people participated, and they were given either Alpha Brain or a placebo over the course of 45 days.

Following industry standards, researchers used a double-blind experiment, meaning the participants didn’t know whether or not they were taking Alpha Brain, and neither did the scientists.

This reduces the possibility of tainted results and allows for the most credible form of experimentation possible.

At the conclusion of the study, researchers had real, tangible evidence that Alpha Brain helps to “improve memory and executive function in healthy adults.”

Translation: Alpha Brain is a Nootropic that Actually Works:

Alpha Brain Ingredients

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Alpha Brain features naturally grown ingredients including oat straw, huperzia serrata, cat’s claw, and bacopa.

While that may sound great to a select few, like Harvard scientists, most of us have absolutely no idea what the heck huperzia serrata is, so let’s examine why Onnit selected these ingredients, and why it’s a good thing they’re the core of Alpha Brain.

Oat Straw

Also known as Avena sativa, Onnit puts a concentrated amount of oat straw in every Alpha Brain pill.

This stuff reportedly helps your body deal with the neurological stress, and from being overly tired.

In turn, Onnit says this helps your cognitive abilities.

Cat’s Claw

Found deep in the Amazon, cat’s claw has been a crowd favorite with the rainforest’s inhabitants for many centuries.

It has long been their go-to to boost immune systems, and as an intense antioxidant. This is probably why it’s better known as “The Rainforest Super Herb,” and why researchers developed a state-of-the-art extraction process via hot water.

The extract is called AC-11, and is used in Alpha Brain.


pouches of alpha brain instant

Just like cat’s claw, this stuff has been in use for hundreds of years by people in the know. A vital part of Indian Ayurvedic medicinal practices, bacopa works as an antioxidant and an aptogen.

This means it can reportedly give your memory a boost, while also helping with longevity – a win-win, really.

Huperzia Serrata

Perhaps the hardest to pronounce out of Alpha Brain’s quartet of super-herbs, Huperzia Serrata is also known as northern fitmoss.

Folks a lot smarter than I are able to extract Huperzine A from this stuff, which is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, and is also derived naturally.

When your body utilizes this stuff, your brain gets more acetylcholine, which is apparently a good thing!

Side Effects

a guy studies after taking some alphabrain

According to the folks at Onnit, studies of the main ingredients of AlphaBrain have not shown any adverse side effects.

These studies were conducted over 4 to 6 week periods, and included “significant doses of 400 mcg.” The other ingredients have also been shown to be safe, and have been used in traditional medicines for many years.

In addition to these results, studies also seem to indicate that if you stop taking AlphBrain, it won’t result in an “over-correction” in your body’s natural neurotransmitter levels, which is in stark contrast to a lot of prescription drugs on the market.

Onnit reports that “normalcy” should start again shortly after you stop taking the supplement.

This being said, Onnit says that it is still a good idea to take intermittent time off from taking nutrient-based supplements, and when it comes to Alpha Brain they recommend taking a break at least one week every month, or two days every week.

On that note, it is also important to remember that AlphaBRAIN isn’t advertised as a cure to any disease or other medical conditions, and you should always consult your doctor before taking any supplement or medication, as well as when you decide to stop taking it.

Where to Buy AlphaBRAIN

How Much Does it Cost?

PRICE: $29.71/30 Day Supply (Get the Best Deal HERE)

a bottle of onnit alpha brain

If you’re looking for REAL Alpha Brain, the only place you can buy it is from the official Onnit store.

Sure, there are imitators out there, and many of them may report the same brain-boosting power that AlphaBRAIN supplies, but the truth is the Onnit brand version has the clinical studies to back it its claims and is really the only place you should be buying it.

AlpnaBRAIN Instant

PRICE: $50.96/30 Day Supply (Get the Best Deal HERE)

There are currently two different versions of Alpha being offered from Onnit: the tradition pill form, or you can buy the “Instant” version, which is a powder that you mix with water and drink.

It is currently being offered in natural peach and spice flavors, but as you will note with the price tag above, it costs more than the capsule version.


If you’re looking to try a nootropic, why not go with a brain booster that has been clinically-proven?

There are a bunch of supplements out there, and many of them make some pretty outrageous claims without any scientific evidence backing them up.

Onnit put in the time and effort to create an all-natural option that is backed by science.

Personally, that’s an option I would go with.

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