Oprah Winfrey’s 2018 Weight Loss – Media Mogul Drops More than 40 Pounds with Weight Watchers

It’s no secret that Oprah’s weight has fluctuated over the years. She’s often shared her experience with battling weight gain and has been very open about what it takes to drop those extra pounds. Winfrey signed on to be a spokeswoman for the Weight Watchers diet plan last year after purchasing a 10% ownership stake in the company. While some have criticized the star for cashing in on her investment, her commitment to the program and a healthier way of life seems to genuine. She even posted a video on her website that documents her ups and downs with her weight over the past 25 years.

How Much Weight Did Oprah Lose?

Good Morning America recently ran a segment where Oprah revealed that she has dropped more than 40 pounds since joining the Weight Watchers Diet program. In the segment, Oprah shared that she is now on a mission to live her “best life.”

Oprah’s weight loss journey started with a resolution, something most of us can probably relate to. Unlike most us, however, Winfrey stuck with her resolution, and committed herself to making an entire “lifestyle shift.” For Oprah, her personal resolution wasn’t about wanting to fit into a particular dress or something of that nature. Rather, she wanted to make 2016 the “year of her best body.”

By all outward appearances, she seems to be taking her 2016 body goal to a whole new level.

How Did She Reach Her Goals?

Oprah was able to obtain her “best body” last year by following the Weight Watchers’ “Beyond the Scale” program. With this brand new system of healthy living, Winfrey no longer struggled with making healthy eating or lifestyle choices.

With this new focus, Weight Watchers has moved away from being known as just a “diet” or “weight loss” program, and are more about showing people how to “live fully.” This means adopting “a lifestyle, a way of eating, and a way of living that’s so freeing.”

For Oprah, this means “living well,” while also losing weight. So often people fail at their diets because they’re missing out on the “living well” component. If you are constantly in a state of deprivation, odds are you aren’t going to be able to keep the weight off. As soon as you stop the diet, or have a lapse in judgment, you find yourself packing on the pounds again, because you were following a program that wasn’t sustainable over the long term.

Oprah says that by following the Weight Watchers Freestyle system she doesn’t have to deprive herself of the foods she loves. That means she still eats things like tacos, pasta, bread and never has to feel deprived. Bread is one of her favorite foods, and she says that with the Weight Watchers system she has actually been able to eat bread every day, and still keep the extra pounds off – great news for us carb lovers.

UPDATE: Weight Watchers just announced their brand new Freestyle program, which gives members more freedom than ever! Follow this link to sign up for free and lose 10 pounds on them!

Balance is the Key

balance is key to losing weight for Oprah

During her interview, Oprah indicated that her new-found success has been all about balanced approach. That means not depriving yourself of the foods you love, rather eating them in moderation.

Oprah hasn’t been the only to have success with Weight Watchers’ new balanced approach, either. They report that overall, members are now losing 15% more weight than they were before, which is good news for those us who are interested in joining Weight Watchers.

Partner Up and Share the Success

find a weight loss partner

Winfrey says having a weight loss partner was another key for her. This means someone who has joined you on your mission for improved health and weight loss. Together, you can stay motivated share in your successes, and help each other overcome any obstacles you may face along the way. Oprah’s partner was her longtime boyfriend, Stedman Graham. You can choose anyone who you feel will help motivate you, though – that means a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or just a friend – anyone you know who you feel will make a great weight loss partner.

Keeping it Off For Good

Losing the weight and keeping it off forever is probably the goal for most us, but it isn’t always that easy. In fact, most people gain back the weight by the time they reach their two- year milestone. In some cases, they may even pack on more weight than they started with.

Weight Watchers is hoping to change that with their new balanced approach, though. By helping you develop healthy lifestyle choices with your diet and exercise, you may be primed to make your newfound weight loss a permanent thing. To learn more about the brand new Weight Watchers program, visit their official website.


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