OPTAVIA Reviews & Cost [2018] Does it Really Work?

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Are you looking for a way to get healthy, or to even just maintain your current level of health? The awesome folks behind the Medifast diet recently launched a brand new program called OPTAVIA, and it can help you do just that!

OPTAVIA is a brand-new take on their supper successful Take Shape for Life programand it is designed to help take the steps necessary to make a “Lifelong Transformation.” That makes this program much different from your typical crash diet because their main goal is to teach you the skills necessary for a lifetime of health and happiness.

To help you accomplish this, OPTAVIA teaches you habits and sills that are designed to improve your quality of life by helping your mind and body work together. Sure, they’re going to help you lose some weight, but you’re also going to see improvements to your overall health, confidence, and vitality.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at OPTAVIA, to see what it’s really all about.

OPTAVIA: The Key Details

How Much Does it Cost?

PRICE: Get Started for Around $350 per Month (Includes Meals & Coaching)

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When you first head to the OPTAVIA website, you’re going to have a few options for joining. If you opt for one of their meal delivery plans, prices start around $350 and can head upwards of $400, depending on options you go with.

How Does it Work?

When you first head to their website, you’re going to be given some options that should help you choose a plan that works best for you:

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As you can see, your first step will be picking what your main goal is:

  • Get Healthy – I Want to Get Health & Feel Better
  • Stay Healthy – I’m at My Optimal Weight & Want to Stay Healthy
  • Take Your First Step – I Would Like to Discuss My Options with an OPTAVIA Coach

Once you decide which one of these goals is going to work best for you, it will be time to get your OPTAVIA Journey started! To do this simply work your way through their online form.

How to Pick Your Plan

To complete it, you’ll need to supply the following info so they can pick the best plan for you:

  • Gender
  • Age Range
  • Goal: Weight Loss or Maintenance
  • How Much Weight You Need to Lose
  • Your Physical Activity Level
  • Do You Have Diabetes?

Based on the information you provide, they will select the best meal delivery plan for you. Here are the different plans they currently offer:

Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan (Plans Start at $392.15)

With this plan, you will eat 6 small meals per day – the first of many healthy habits that you’re going to learn on your journey to better health. The plan has been designed to help your body ease into an effective fat burning state, while also helping you retain your lean muscle mass.

When you sign up you will have more than 60 “Fuelings” to choose from – these will make up 5 of your small meals each day.

You will also learn how to make their famous Lean & Green” meals, so you and your family can enjoy a healthy and delicious dinner together and the end of each day.

By the time you have worked your way through this plan, you should learn exactly what “optimal” nutrition looks and feels like. Plus, you’ll know how to make your own healthy meals!

Optimal Weight 4&2&1 Plan

This plan is a great fit for you if you want to be able to eat from all food groups and like the idea of being able to have a flexible meal plan so you can reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Four meals each day will be made up of OPTAVIA Fuelings, and then you will be making two Lean & Green meals and one snack on your own each day.l

Optimal Health 3&3 Plan (Plan Starts at $273.55)

The 3&3 Plan is made for people who have reached their optimal weight and want to maintain their current level of health. Each order is packed full of bars, shakes, and smoothies. On this plan, you will eat three OPTIVIA fuelings each day, and 3 meals will be up to you to make.

Final Thoughts

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OPTAVIA is a proven and effective way to lose weight, get healthier, and learn the habits that will help you maintain your optimal weight for the rest of your life. Their Coaching program is a great way to get support and guidance, and they are there to help you reach your goals!.

As OPTAVIA comes from the awesome folks at Medifast, you can also order the meals and snacks from the Medifast website as well.  Follow the link below to connect with Medifast’s best deals, or visit the OPTAVIA website to learn more about their plans and coaching options!

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