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If you’ve been in the market for weight loss products recently, then there’s a good chance that you have come across something called the “Pink Drink” at some point along your travels. What is this pink stuff, and can it really help you lose weight.

The Pink Drink is officially known as Plexus Slim, and it is billed as the “most natural way to lose weight.”

This sounds great, but is it true?

It turns out a lot of people have had a lot of weight loss success using Plexus Slim, but is it going to be the right supplement for you?

Keep reading to get all of the Plexus Slim details…

How Much Does Plexus Slim Cost?

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Plexus Slim can be bought online at their official website, or through an official Plexus Ambassador, if you happen to know one.

It’s a very popular weight loss drink, and prices are going to vary, depending on how you choose to buy your product.

When you visit their site and are ready to make a purchase, they will ask if you want to buy as a Preferred or Retail Customer.

If you sign up to be a Preferred buyer, then there are additional discounts available to you, so it’s definitely something to consider if you’re serious about buying.

Preferred Customer Costs

As a preferred customer, you will essentially be agreeing to sign up for their auto-ship program. This means you will be on the hook for a recurring order, but it comes at a discounted rated compared to the single purchase. You can cancel your auto delivery any time without penalty, as long as it’s 15 days after your initial purchase.

Plexus Slim Preferred: $79.95 per 60-Day Supply (CLICK HERE for BEST Price)

You can also bundle your purchase with other Plexus products, and lock in additional savings. The combo packs range from $99.85 to $134.95, with the Preferred discount.

Plexus Slim Retail Price: $84.94 per 60-Day Supply (CLICK HERE for BEST Price)

Just like with the Preferred Plan, you can also bundle your Plexus Slim purchase as a retail customer, and save some cash.

The retail bundles range from $114.95 to $139.95, depending on all of the products you decide to purchase.

One option might be to go with the Plexus Slim and Boost Combo, which helps accelerate weight loss and control hunger, or you could with their Plexus TriPlex Combo – Plexus Slim, BIO Cleanse, and ProBio 5 – the perfect trifecta for weight loss and better gut health.

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Here’s a look at the supplement facts label that comes on the Plexus Slim package, and then we’ll detail some of the ingredients below:

the supplement facts label

As you can see, the Pink Drink does include things like Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia – two popular supplements within the weight loss community.

That said, they may cause a reaction in some folks, so now, examine any possible side effects that may be associated with this stuff.

Side Effects

a doctor looks up the side effects of plexus slim

While the Plexus website doesn’t list any reported side effects associated with the Pink Drink, as noted above, some people have reported getting headaches or feeling jittery after consuming Plexus Slim.

A few years ago, Plexus also received a warning letter from the FDA regarding some of their products, so that is worth a read too.

Beyond that, there are some reported side effects with some of the ingredients on the label, including Garcinia cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Let’s look at those side effects below:

Garcinia Cambogia

WebMD lists this as “POSSIBLY SAFE” when taken by mouth for a period of 12 weeks. They say the long-term safety is unknown. It can sometimes cause nausea, digestive tract discomfort, and headaches.

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you should stay on the safe side and avoid this stuff.

Green Bean Coffee Extract

Green coffee contains caffeine, which can cause a variety of side effects, including restlessness, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and more. It’s also best to avoid this stuff if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Beyond that, we’re not experts regarding side effects, so you should consult with your doctor before taking Plexus Slim.

What do the Real Plexus Reviews Say?

plexus slim testimonials

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Most of the reviews I have found for Plexus Slim seem pretty positive.

While there were some folks who didn’t seem to have success with the Pink Drink, many respondents had favorable results. That said, there are some people who have reported having headaches, and who didn’t like the taste or the way it made them feel.

a woman measures her waist after losing weight

As with any supplement, you should always consult your doctor before trying it, and if something doesn’t feel right after drinking it, you should stop use ASAP and consult a medical professional.

Some reviewers have noted that you can’t expect overnight results, and you need to follow the Plexus guidelines for the best shot at success.

The involves drinking enough water and, of course, you will want to follow a sound diet and exercise plan.

Overall, though, most people seem to appreciate how well Plexus Slim can work when it is taken alongside a good diet and workout routine.

If you want to get the best results from any of the Plexus weight loss products, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating right, and hitting the gym, or even walking. But don’t expect mazing results without those parts in place.

Final Thoughts

Plexus Slim has a loyal following and a lot of fans who have been thrilled with their weight loss.

It’s affordable, tastes great, and has produced pretty great results for a lot of people.

They offer some pretty good discounts for customers who sign up for their preferred plan, so that’s an option to consider if you’re looking for the best deal.

Visit their official site to learn more:

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.