pure forskolin reviews and pricing info

Pure Forskolin Reviews & Pricing Info

There are plenty different versions of pure natural forskolin extract, but which ones work the best and where you can you buy them?

Below, dig deep into exactly what pure Forskolin is, how it works, and why coleus forskohlii has become such a popular diet pill supplement for weight loss.

What is Natural Forskolin (Coleus Forskohlii)?

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In scientific terms, Forskolin is a chemically derived compound from the root of the plectranthus barbatus plant, also known as Coleus forskohlii. The plant used to make it is typically found in areas of India, Thailand, and Nepal.

It has been around for thousands of years and was even used by people back in the middle ages to treat a variety of conditions, including heart problems, hypertension, and asthma.

More recently it has been used orally for psoriasis, eczema, IBS, and has even been given at hospitals via IV for people who are experiencing heart failure.

The Dr. Oz Effect

These days, Forskolin extract is more commonly used as a weight loss supplement and is usually taken orally.

It skyrocketed in popularity after appearing on an episode of the Dr. Oz show and has become a go-to supplement in the diet and weight loss space. Oz referred to Forskolin as something that “works like a furnace inside your body” and touted it for its ability to burn fat instead of muscle. He even introduced a weight loss expert on the show who reported that her clients had been able to burn twice the pounds when using the product.

Oz went on to cite research suggesting that forskolin “ignites” your metabolism, and recommended using it along with a moderate workout routine and healthy diet, for those looking to maximize their results.

How Much Does Forskolin Cost?

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Prices for pure Forskolin are going to vary, but if you buy it at our favorite online retailer you can expect to pay between $44.99 to $134.99. The prices go up if you bundle your purchase, but you can save up to $195 when you buy 3 bottles. Plus, you also get three bottles for free, which is a pretty awesome bargain.

How Does Forskolin Work?

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Forskolin works by producing a more robust heartbeat, while also making your blood vessels wider. In turn, there is a drop in blood pressure, which is something to keep in mind for those with heart issues.

This process supposedly aids in helping people lose weight, and while there isn’t a ton of research supporting all of these claims, one study did produce some pretty encouraging results.

In this particular case, men who were considered obese or overweight ingested forskolin a couple of times per day for three months.

At the end of the study, those who had taken the forskolin extract had reportedly lost more fat and experienced a greater rise in testosterone, than those who did not take the supplement.

Forskolin Side Effects

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While some medical experts maintain that more research needs to be done in order to fully verify Forskolin’s impact on weight loss and its side effects, WebMD rates it as “possibly safe” at the present time for most healthy people. That being said, there are some possible side effects that people should be aware of.

As mentioned above, when taken intravenously coleus forskolii can contribute to a drop in blood pressure. If inhaled you can expect coughing, throat irritation, and possible restlessness or tremors.

People with certain medical conditions should also avoid using this supplement.

They include women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with heart problems or bleeding disorders, those with low blood pressure, and anyone who has just had surgery.

Beyond that, I haven’t found other reported side effects, but as is the case with any supplement, you should always check with your doctor before taking it, and anyone under the age of 18 must talk with their parents and doctor before trying any supplement.

That being said, you can read more about Forskolin and decide whether or not it’s the right supplement for you at the official Forskolin 250 site.

The Forskolin Diet

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While there isn’t a specific diet plan designed around Forskolin, Dr. Oz reported that it was best to use it with a healthy eating plan for the best results.

There are plenty of great diets like Nutrisystem or Medifast that are worth considering, but it can also just be used alongside any healthy eating plan that you choose. You can check out a full list of our top-rated diets at TheDietDynamo.com.

The point here is that if you want to see great results when it comes to your weight loss, it doesn’t look like you can just take a Forskolin pill and have the weight drop off – you will need to work for it, and that should probably involve some kind of workout and clean eating routine.

Whether or not you use a meal delivery diet or just a routine of your own creation will totally be up to you.

Where Can You Buy it?

Forskolin can be bought both online and a variety of brick and mortar retailers. The price can vary from as little as $15 for the cheap stuff, or I have seen it as high as $40 or $50.

Personally, I always opt for higher-end products when it comes to supplements, for the peace of mind, if nothing else.

Right now, Forskolin 250 is offering some pretty good discounts, so I’d check there to see how much you can currently save.

Final Thoughts

While there isn’t a mountain of evidence supporting the effectiveness of Forskolin for weight loss, there are some encouraging signs that it may work great for many people, like the small study mentioned above.

On top of that, Dr. Oz has promoted it as something that works and cited other sources backing up his claims.

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