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SeroVital for Men Review: Does it Work?

We’ve detailed the potential benefits of SeroVital-HGH here on TheDietDynamo.com recently, but does it actually work for men?

Most of the advertisements seem to be targeted at females, but with all of the reported benefits associated with taking SeroVital – improved energy, lean muscle development, and a more youthful looking appearance – it isn’t surprising that many guys have also taken notice of what’s being dubbed by some as a “miracle” supplement.

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While all of these potential benefits sound great, will men experience the same amazing results as women if they decide to take SeroVital-HGH?

The good news for guys who are interested in trying this supplement is that it reportedly offers many of the same benefits for men as well.

According to a scientific study posted on the official SeroVital website, this amino-acid-based supplement has long demonstrated the ability to stimulate human growth hormone production in athletes but is now available to the general public.

In their cross-over, placebo-controlled study, that included 12 male participants, results demonstrated that a single oral dose of the proper blend of amino acids was shown to significantly increase the levels of growth hormones after a two-hour period in both women AND men.

That would indicate that there could be some benefit for men who want to get an edge by taking SeroVital.

That said, I would think that you’re only going to see decent weight loss and muscle-building results if you take this stuff alongside a good workout and exercise routine.

There are a number of different routes you can go when it comes to get them most from supplements like SeroVital, so let’s take a look at some steps you can take depending on what your goal is.

Weight Loss

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If weight loss is your goal, then we recommend getting your diet on track. Losing weight is easily 90% of what you eat, so you will want to get that under control first if you’re hoping to lose fat and drop pounds.

Here are just a few diets or programs that we recommend here at TheDietDynamo.com:

  • Nutrisystem
  • South Beach Diet
  • Weight Watchers
  • BistroMD
  • Mayo Clinic Diet

Of course, there are plenty of other routes you can go and programs you can follow, but these are just a few that have helped me lose weight over the years.

Muscle Building

Let’s be honest, it’s really hard to bulk up just by taking a pill. If you want to get bigger muscles while taking SeroVital, you will have to have some kind of workout routine in place.

There are plenty of routes you can go here, too, but these are some fitness options I like:

  • Use a Home Gym – Bowflex Makes My Favorite
  • Join a Gym
  • Do Body Weight Workouts
  • Get Professional Help – Personal Trainers Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Obviously, before taking SeroVital or starting a diet or exercise routine, you should talk with your doctor first to make sure you’re healthy enough.

What Kind of SeroVital Should Guys Buy?

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If you’re a man considering taking SeroVital, there are a couple of different options that they currently offer. We’ll examine each one in more detail below, but here are just a few of the products for men to consider:

SeroVital-HGH, SeroVital Concentrate, Hydrothermal Deep Wrinkle Serum, Eye Area Renewal, SeroVital-AM Multivitamin for Men.

Obviously, each of these targets something different, and while many of these products are advertised to women, there are certainly guys out there who would like to reduce wrinkles, or reduce bags under their eyes as well.

SeroVital-HGH for Men

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As the flagship product in the San Medica International line-up products, SeroVital-HGH is probably their most popular offering.

It is meant to bring improvements in many areas including lean muscle growth, energy levels, and a more youthful looking appearance.

Early double-blind trials revealed some encouraging evidence the this product’s potential, and in the study, it was shown to work for both women and men.

SeroVital is billed as a natural way to increase your body’s HGH levels, which is a nice alternative to very expensive injections, that often feature synthetic hormones.

Read our full SeroVital review to learn more about this product, its ingredients, and the potential side effects associated with it. This may help you decide whether or not you want to try it.

SeroVital-AM Multivitamin for Men

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In a slight variation from their standard HGH booster, this morning multivitamin is designed top help boost testosterone, bring sharper mental focus, increase energy, and bring prostrate protection just to name a few.

It currently comes in a 30 day supply and features a number of different vitamins and ingredients including fish oil with CoQ-10, Saw Palmetto, and TestroVax.

SeroVital Skincare

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In addition to their line of natural HGH and testosterone-boosting supplements, SeroVital also offers a nice lineup of skincare products including various eye serums, anti-aging creams, and facial rejuvenation system.

Again, many of these products are often pitched to women, but I know plenty of guys who use these types of products – they just don’t tell their friends.


For men who are looking for the benefits associated with human growth hormone, it appears that SeroVital-HGH may be a viable solution.

Of course, you should always check with your doctor before starting any supplement, including SeroVital, but their double-blind trial showed that their product worked for both women AND men.

On top of that, SeroVital was demonstrated to increase HGH levels, increase energy, and stimulate a more youthful appearance.

While most of their advertisements seem to be geared towards the female population, there are plenty of guys out there who are looking for many of the qualities linked to these all-natural capsules.

The good news for them is that it apparently works for both men and women.

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