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Shakeology is the hit nutritional shake from Beachbody, and it has developed a pretty loyal following since first being introduced to the public a few years ago. As we’ve documented, we’re huge fans of Shakeology around here as well, but with that being said, there are times when you might be searching for an alternative to this world-class shake. Because of this, we have compiled a list of other shakes you may want to consider if you’ve looking for something different or just want to try something new.

Shakeology Substitutes:


IdealShake is a meal replacement shake from IdealShape, which is well-known for producing high quality nutritional and weight-loss supplements and programs. Their shakes are designed to be used as meal replacements. They also claim to help you control your hunger, and by using IdealShake as one of your meals everyday, you will also be greatly reducing your caloric intake for the day. Their unique system helps curb your hunger for up to three hours, and on top of that you have multiple shake flavors to choose from.

IdealShake differs from both Shakeology and Shake360 however when it comes to the nutritional benefits they provide. Both of these other shakes really have an emphasis on providing healthy, natural ingredients, while IdealShake seems to be slightly more focused on helping you lose weight, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because they are pretty nutrient-rich as well. Their caloric content is only about  100-110 per shake, and on top of that every shake is packed with 11 grams of high quality whey protein, and 22 vitamins and minerals.

PRICE: $1.67 per Shake or Less

Flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Eggnog (limited time)

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Another alternative to Shakeology is another Nutrisystem offering, but we’re sticking with what we know will work, and TurboShakes (read our full review) can definitely give you nice results when used correctly. Plus, they don’t have to be combined with the Nutrisystem diet plan to be effective, but they are a great option to help maintain your weight loss if you’ve just completed Nutrisystem or another diet. In any case, they really are a nice alternative, so that’s why they’re number three on our list.

TurboShakes are another newer offering from Nutrisystem, and were launched with the release of their Turbo10 diet plan. That said, they are packed with 22 vitamins and minerals as well as a healthy dose of protein and fiber.

Another advantage with these shakes when compared to Shakeology is that they also cost quite a bit less. You can buy them in 7 or 28-day packs, and either way you’re saving a substantial amount of money. They can be used to provide you with a low-calorie snack throughout the day, or as a meal replacement. Much like Shakeology, they are also designed to promote digestive health with a probiotic blend that helps you feel fuller for longer as well as busting up that unsightly belly bloat.

COST: $79.98 for a 28 Day Supply

Flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla 

Watch Us Make a TurboShake:

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Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the shakes out there that can be used as alternatives to Shakeology from Beachbody. As I’ve already stated before and elsewhere on this site, I am a big fan of Shakeology, its health benefits, and the weight loss I have achieved thanks to using it as a meal replacement. That said, I realize that Shakeology can be more expensive than other high quality shakes on the market, which is why I wanted to provide a few alternatives for you to consider.

Out of this list, I would probably go with IdealShake. Ultimately you will have to decide what you’re hoping to accomplish with a meal replacement shake, and then factor in things like flavors, taste, texture, and of course price!

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