Take Shape For Life (TSFL) Reviews

take shape for life reviews and pricing info

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) is a thriving and vibrant community which is helping to redefine the correct way to achieve health, well-being and created Optimal Health.

Take Shape For Life is made up by a group of individuals who have found a way to become more healthy in their own lives. By changing bad eating habits and developing and growing in their personal lives these individuals are living a life that is full and active.

As they build a business with Take Shape For Life, they have even become more financially stable.

Their Health Coaches offer various services to the clients such as personal encouragement which is backed up by a comprehensive lifestyle that has been clinically proven to work.

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That, however, is not all that they have to offer, they do so much more to help those in this circle by sharing the Trilogy of Optimal Health which means; Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and of course Healthy Finances, this helps to promote a balance in every one of these important aspects of our lives.

Take Shape For Life is a company whose deeply committed focus is to create a healthy lifestyle by developing legacies in every aspect of their clients’ lives.

As more and more people are realizing the importance of living a life that is active, healthier and balanced, Take Shape For Life becomes present to provide these individuals with the opportunity to not only do something amazing for themselves but also pass it on to those around them.

What they refer to as the Trilogy of Optimal Health is when there is focus on not only building a healthy body but also developing a healthy mind and generating a financial situation which is also healthy.

Within the Trilogy of Healthy Body, Mind and Finances the balance that many people seek can be found and can then be imparted to others.

This is why Take Shape For Life is ideal for those looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

UPDATE: TSFL Rebranded as Optavia

Take Shake for  Life recently underwent a branding change. While the core program largely remains the same, there are some big changes you may want to read out.

Check out our full review of the new Optavia program here.

The Trilogy of Optimal Health

Healthy Body

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This is about developing physical health as a result of adjusting unhealthy habits and turning them into sustainable healthy habits.

What this includes is improving your physical health by obtaining a healthy and ideal weight as well as taking on more activities that will provide a healthy range of movement.

The focus is on creating health as opposed to reacting to disease, in other words by changing not only habits but also mindsets, people are empowered to live lives that are healthier.

Healthy Mind

When there is emotional health from being able to live a life that is less physically and financially stressful the benefits are many. By being part of a community and cause that is worthy you are able to bring purpose, meaning, and confidence into your life.

This can help you to effectively manage stress, address the real underlying behaviors associated with poor health and open many doors to engagement in your own career, this helps you to move toward Optimal Health.

Healthy Finances

Due to a compensation plan that allows you to earn money based off of your efforts you are able to build a financial future and the end result is financial health.

In this area, you are provided with an opportunity for additional income, abundance, and financial stability. You will then develop a stable business, build annuity through the planning for a long-term future, leave a legacy behind and even be able to mentor others along the same business path.

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TSFL Programs

There are quite a few innovative plans and products offered by Take Shape For Life that will help empower and equip those looking to lose weight and live a generally more healthy lifestyle achieve their goals and create Optimal Health.

Their offering of a comprehensive healthy lifestyle can help you to effectively and safely reach as well as maintain a weight that is healthy as well as adopt healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

The foundation for transformation is made up of three main components which are:

  1. Products and Programs Which Have Been Scientifically Proven
  2. A Community of Support and a Free Health Coach
  3. The Habits of Health System Which Help To Create Health That is Long Lasting


1.Scientifically Proven Products & Programs

optavia is the new TSFL program

The products offered have been scientifically formulated with the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, sugars and fats to help not only burn fat bit retain muscle during the process.

The plans are designed specifically with you in mind. They not only promote weight loss, they also make you feel properly full and satisfied, this helps to prevent crashes which other programs seem to experience.

2. A Community of Support and a Free Health Coach

There have been multiple studies that show how most people require additional support to help change bad habits, without it they tend to fall back and regain any weight which has been lost.

This is one of the things that makes this program unique and different from others like it. When joining Take Shape For Life as a client, you are becoming part of a comprehensive system of support that is there to see you through your personal journey.

Not only are you being provided with plans that have been scientifically proven, you will also be receiving your own Health Coach.

The Health Coaches at TSFL are a great asset in helping you stay the course and guide you on your path to losing weight and maintaining yourself in a healthy manner.

The priority of the Health Coaches here is to provide not only healthy habits but also support and encouragement which can make all of the difference.

3. The Habits of Health System

healthy fruits are one of the smart eating choices with TSFL

You will be introduced to Dr. A’s Habits of Health System by your free coach, this will provide you with all that you need to know or exchange negative eating and lifestyle habits with healthy ones aimed to help you become successful.

You will be able to reach your goals simply by making small yet consistent changes in your day t o day habits.

The lifestyle is referred to as Be Slim and is made up of six core behaviors which have been scientifically proven to maintain a healthy weight.

Once you have lost the needed weight, the ultimate goal is for you to live a happy and active life. Here are the six core behaviors required:

1. Do Not Skip Breakfast

To start the day off right, it is crucial to have high-quality fuel.

2. Exercise

When you exercise continuously, not only do you become stronger, more flexible and increase your metabolism. You also become more mentally clear.

3. Support

You will be guided towards reaching and maintaining your goals with the coaching, education, tools and caring support your Health Coach will provide.

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4. Six Low Fat Meals a Day

Controlling total calories, particularly those derived from fat, controlling portion sizes and eating frequently are crucial for success.

5. Individual Plan

It is important to create your personal plan for building skills, everyday life coping strategies and how you will achieve your Optimal Health.

6. Monitoring

You will be able to maintain your optimal weight and catch any weight that has been regained before it becomes challenging by weighing yourself weekly.

Where Does Medifast Come Into Play?

fueled by the medifast program

The parent company for Take Shape For Life is Medifast. The products as programs that are used have been recommended since 1980 by countless doctors.

By combining the science behind the meal replacement products and the Healthy Habit Lifestyle program by Sr. Anderson as well as the final touch of personal support that is provided by the Health Coaches, those seeking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle have been able to do so with the help of Medifast and Take Shape For Life.

We have full reviews of the Medifast system and are happy to report that it works great for weight loss if you’ve considered that.

On top of that, it’s an essential component to the TSFL program, and has been scientifically proven to produce amazing results!

Check out our full Medifast review to learn more.

The Medifast meal plans are a crucial component to take part in the TSFL program, and they’re currently offering some pretty great discounts when you sign up for their meal delivery service.