the top rated diet shakes for weight loss

Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss

Like me, many people have discovered that weight loss or nutritional shakes can give you huge jumpstart on your diet plan or weight loss journey. By incorporating a weight loss shake into your daily routine, you can lose weight quickly, but also establish a way of eating that is sustainable over the longterm – which is essential if you want to make your weight loss a permanent thing.

Weight loss shakes are ideal for those who want to use them as a meal replacement – I personally use a shake daily as part of an intermittent fasting routine that I have established. I have this to be an essential element to maintaining a healthy weight

If you don’t have the time to shop for healthy foods or if you simply need to jump start your diet program, a weight loss shake may be the ideal way to go.

Right now, IdealShake is probably my top recommendation, simply because they have a great introductory price on their shakes, they taste great, and have a number of different flavors to choose from. Shakeology is a great option though too, so it’s another shake on our list.

1. IdealShake

a new ideal shape order on my dining room table

IdealShake helps block hunger while offering up many options of delicious flavors. They’re able to service as a great meal replacement option because of a unique hunger blocker included in their shakes, which means you’re going to feel fewer hunger pangs and more energy throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a true meal replacer, IdealShake is an excellent option.

Energy Boost

Many users report that this shake gives them the energy that they need to make it through their day. You’re encouraged to drink a shake each day as one meal replacement. There are several different flavors to choose from, with Choclolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry just being a few that you will have to choose from.

As far as price goes, this one averages out to be just $1.67 per meal so you’re getting a great deal of savings off of this brand.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Like the others, Idealshake also offers a money back guarantee so if you’re not completely satisfied you can get a full refund on your diet investment.All but one of the options is gluten free so unless you’re wanting gluten free cookies and cream you’re sure to stay on your gluten free diet as well. If you’re gluten sensitive this is especially important.

Idealshake is also kosher certified with specific restrictions. You’re sure to appreciate this if you’re on a kosher diet. Not all diet shakes are made equal so this is a huge boon to those who are on specific restrictions on their diets yet still need to lose weight.

Affordable Nutrition

packets of idealshake laying on the table

As an added bonus, their website is always running specials, so be sure to check back if you’re not seeing a sale that you like. With a great price and so many bonus offers this shake is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market or just looking for something new to try.

It also has more protein than the other brands we’ve featured – clocking in at 11 grams of protein. Protein is important for energy and muscles, so if you’re also incorporating weight lifting or muscle building into your fitness plan, then this may be the shake for you.

Idealshake also has the fewest grams of sugar with only one gram per shake. If you’re needing to cut back on this shake offers you full flavor without any need for added sugars.

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What’s Inside Your First IdealShake Order?

2. Shakeology

a new shipment of shakeology combo packs

Shakeology is probably my favorite nutritional shake right now, but there are a few newer ones on the market that are giving it a run for its money, which we’ll detail below.

That being said, if you’re looking for a way to jump start your diet plan, Shakeology tastes great and offers you a variety of flavors all at reasonable prices.

I have had a lot of success with this sake, which is why I recommend it and also why it received The Diet Dynamo Seal of Approval.

Each shake offers about 140 calories of delicious flavor (chocolate is my favorite, but I honestly haven’t had a bad shake yet from them), and with the vitamins, minerals and other health ingredients, it has the ability to replicate a healthy meal.

Ten of the calories are from fats, but the more we’re learning about fats, the more we’re finding out that maybe they aren’t as bad as we have been led to believe over the last couple of decades.

I have used this shake as a meal replacement for almost a year now, and I can tell you that if you follow a plan, and use it correctly then you should lose weight, or at the very least be able to maintain a healthy weight, which it has helped me do.

Solid Nutrition

Shakeology is great because it focuses on nutrition and portion control – two big factors to weight loss. If you decide to go with this shake, you should find that it will help curb your appetite and will hopefully help get you started on the road to a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

a pile of shakeology shake packets

It’s made from a variety of ingredients, but the main takeaway from the Shakeology Nutrition Facts is that it’s full of a variety of vitamins and minerals users are sure to appreciate the simplicity of simply preparing a shake for a meal.

It also contains some probiotics which may aid in your digestive process throughout the day as you consume other foods. Shakeology also has an excellent reputation with herbs such as holy basil and amaranth as well as some grasses that are grown from barley and Kamut.

It also offers up some grape seed extract and green tea so it has a myriad of health benefits that will help the user to stay healthy as well as to get all of the required nutrients for their day.


Coming in at just under $120 per month (get it for even less if you become a Beachbody Coach), this shake is ideal for short-term use but it’s not recommended as a long-term weight loss supplement. Another great thing about Shakeology is that it is from the folks at Beachbody, which means that it can also be combined with all of their world-famous workout and fitness programs like P90x, the 21 Day Fix, and more. You can even combine the shake with the workouts with one of Beachbody’s Challenge Packs, to save even more money, which is something to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you want to make the purchase.

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Final Thoughts

There are many diet shakes on the market today so be sure that you read the reviews and focus on the benefits of each diet shake.

Every shake we’ve mentioned here has a full review here at, so be sure to read those if are looking for more information on any of them. I would personally recommend any of these shakes for weight loss, as all three will produce results.

From a cost perspective I would probably go with IdealShake, as it has produced some pretty great results for me over these last couple of months, it’s probably the most affordable shakes on our list.