How to Cancel Your Thrive Membership:

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Thrive Market is one of our top-rated places for finding amazing deals on a whole bunch of different health food and products. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the awesome things they sell:

  • Food
  • Beauty, Bath, & Body Products
  • Health
  • Babies & Kids
  • Home
  • Pets

While they’re one of our go-tos to buy pretty much anything in the categories listed above, there may be a time when you just aren’t using your membership enough, or you’re ready to cancel your service with them.

If that time does come, you can follow the steps below to pause or cancel your Thrive Market membership:

Steps for Canceling Your Thrive Market Membership

When you sign up for Thrive Market, make sure you’re well-versed about their membership terms. This will help to avoid any potential surprises when you go to close your account. That said, they make canceling pretty easy, so everything should be pretty straightforward for the most part.

Ready to pull the plug on your Thrive Market Membership? Here are the exact steps to take:

1. Call Customer Service: 1-(866) 419-2174

If you’re ready to call it quits, the easiest and quickest way to cancel is by calling the Thrive Market Customer Support phone number listed above.

Once you’ve canceled you will not be charged for any more renewal periods, and your membership will not continue for your current enrollment period.

It’s also important to note that any membership fees you’ve paid prior to canceling your membership are non-refundable, and you will be on the hook for any charges to your credit card or other chosen payment method for the Thrive Market Membership prior to when you cancel.

2. Email Support: [email protected]

Prefer to complete the cancellation of your Thrive Market membership without having to pick up the phone? You can also email them to complete your cancellation. Simply email the address listed above, and tell them you want to cancel your membership. You’ll want to have your login name handy, and any other account information available that they may need to complete your account termination.

What if You Decide to Rejoin?

You can reactivate your account and purchase products, but if you do it’s important to know that your payment method will be automatically charged for their yearly membership once you’ve checked out.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to cancel your Thrive Market membership, simply follow the steps we’ve listed above. They make it easy and allow you to cancel by giving them a call, or you can even email them – just use the phone number or email address we’ve listed above.

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