Trim Down Club Reviews & Cost [2018] Real Results for Just $1.99?

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If you’ve been struggling with your weight, and have tried countless diets and weight loss techniques that fail you time and time again, just know that you’re not alone. Millions of people are in the exact same boat as you. There are so many fad diets out there, all promising to bring you fast, effortless weight loss. But if these fad diets really worked, we’d all know, and we wouldn’t need so many of them! With so much conflicting information out there, it really can be so hard to know where to turn, what to eat, and how much exercise you actually need to lose weight the right way – and keep it off long term.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can actually bring you the results you’re looking for: healthy, natural weight loss that doesn’t turn your life upside down. It’s called the Trim Down Club. You may be wondering what makes it different or any better than options like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, so keep reading and we’ll tell you.

Why Choose the Trim Down Club?

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There are a few major factors that make the Trim Down Club stand out from the pack, and one of the biggest reasons we like them so much is that their plan is built on meal plans that you can customize to accommodate your specific dietary needs and preferences. Don’t eat meat? There’s a plan for that. Dairy allergy? No problem. Sensitive to gluten? You’re covered. Even if you have multiple requirements, the Trim Down Club’s menu planner can build a fat-burning meal plan based on the foods YOU enjoy. So you’re never stuck eating food you don’t like just to lose weight. That’s what makes their plan so successful: you’re never deprived.

You’ll also never be hungry! With three delicious meals and three satisfying snacks every day, most Trim Down Club members even say it’s too much food! That’s not something you hear about other weight-loss plans, is it?

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What’s Their Secret?

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The key to weight loss, and the reason the Trim Down Club’s menu planner is so powerful, is that no matter what your food preferences or requirements, the menu planner will always create the perfect balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fats to help you lose weight naturally. Because when you eat foods that work together to offer maximum nutrition and health benefits, they’ll also help your body function at its best, boosting your metabolism so that you burn fat. You’ll feel more satisfied for longer, you’ll have more energy, and you won’t be as susceptible to cravings and food binges.

Another thing that makes the Trim Down Club’s menu planner so unique is that it’s totally customizable, so that even once you’ve generated your weekly menu, you can always make changes if you don’t feel like eating a particular food that day, or have leftovers of something that you’d like to incorporate into another meal. You can switch a single food, or replace a whole meal through the meal planner. It’s so simple, and the Trim Down Club makes sure that your meals are always balanced to ensure maximum fat burning throughout the day.

And one more thing about the menu planner: not only does it take the guesswork out of planning healthy, delicious meals that are designed to keep your body in fat-burning mode, it even generates a complete grocery list! Once you’ve set up your meals for the week, simply click on the Grocery List icon and you’ll get a complete list of everything you need to buy. It saves you so much time and money at the supermarket! It’s really one of our favorite features.

How Much Does it Cost?


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$9.90 per Month After Trial Period Ends

You can get started with the Trim Down Club for less than $2.00! This gives you instant access to their full program, which will help you with all of the following:

  • Get Healthier
    Follow the meal planner to make healthier choices without sacrificing the flavor or the foods you love. The meal planner does all the work for you, so you never have to ask, “What’s for dinner?”
  • Learn How to Make Healthy Meals

Tried and true recipes that are easy to follow and delicious to eat make weight loss a breeze. Enjoy more nutritious versions of your favorite recipes, or spice up your palate with brand new flavors and cuisines. These are recipes anybody can make, even if you haven’t cooked before!

  • Connect With a Helpful, Supportive Community
    Have questions? The Trim Down Club is there to help. Connect with other members through their forums, or hit up one of their certified nutritionists or dietitians to get the answers you need to keep moving in the right direction to better health!
  • Lose Weight Naturally

Unlike other weight loss programs out there, the Trim Down Club makes losing weight much easier by helping you create healthy new habits step by step. You may be surprised at how quickly you see results, without feeling deprived or hungry!

How Does it Work?

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We’ve already outlined a bunch of the benefits about the Trim Down Club above, and here are a few more things that makes their program so effective, as well as a few other things you can expect after signing up:

A Plan Based on These Simple, yet Highly-Effective Weight Loss Principles:

  • No deprivation. Swap fattening foods with healthier versions so that you lose weight without feeling like you’re missing the flavors you love.
  • No hunger. With the Trim Down Club, you actually get to EAT and FEEL FULL for a change!
  • Opt for unprocessed foods. Processed foods which are full of artificial colors and flavors are loaded with toxins that harm your health and cause weight gain.
  • Stop counting. With the Trim Down Club, you’ll never have to count points, calories, fats or carbs – just eat clean, healthy food at watch the fat melt away!
  • No fads, no gimmicks, no diet pills or shakes. All the things you need to lose weight naturally are probably already in your own kitchen right now!

What Makes it a Club?

The most important part of the Trim Down Club and the thing that makes it so different from most other programs out there is that at Trim Down Club, you’re a part of a community of people just like you! These are people who know what you are going through, and who also want to help you succeed. You can always find answers through the live forums, so you’re never alone during your weight loss journey. On top of that, members are there to encourage each other, share recipes, and share in victories – it truly is a team, dedicated to help you get the results you want!

Final Thoughts – Where Can You Join?

The Trim Down Club is one of our favorite weight loss programs of the year, and it’s because all the things that we’ve outlined above. Through their team approach to weight loss, you will be supported on your entire weight loss journey. They enable you to take control of your own weight loss by teaching you the right foods to eat, what kind of exercise you need and sharing a whole collection of recipes that you can continue to enjoy long after you’ve reached your weight loss goals. On top of all that, they’re one of the most affordable programs on the planet – it literally cost less than $10 per month to be a member!

UPDATE: The awesome folks at Trim Down Club are currently offering a pretty awesome deal to readers of! Follow this link to join the club for just $1.99!


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