Weight Watchers Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Holiday Sales

the best weight watchers black friday and cyber monday discounts

UPDATED: Monday, November 12th 2018

Weight Watchers is one of our top-rated diet programs, and that’s because it is one of the best ways to lose weight and improve your health, that we have tried.

the best holiday savings

On top of that, it’s also very affordable. With their Digital-only plan, you can get started for around $3 per week!

Of course, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the other winter holidays offer an even bigger chance to save!

Weight Watchers has been known to run some pretty awesome holiday deals, so if you’ve been looking for the best time to join, this may be it!

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More Weight Watchers Info:

Weight Watchers is one of the most popular diet programs in America, and it’s also one of the more affordable. They’re often offering deals where you can sign up for less than $20, and even for just a dollar and certain times of the year.

the brand new weight watchers freestyle plan

Their success is pretty simple, really: Follow their plan and you will lose weight, and you won’t break the bank doing it, either.

Even with their customer-friendly entry price, they have still been known to offer some pretty incredible deals, and this includes two of the biggest discount days of the year:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this year’s sales, and will post them here if we see anything new!

If you’re brand new to the Weight Watchers way of life, then you may want to read up on their program before buying it.

Here’s just a brief look at some of their new programs the launched recently. They’ve made some big branding changes, but for the most part, the programs still works the same:

Points, meetings, and transforming your health.

Weight Watchers Digital Black Friday Deals

the brand new weight watchers digital plan

Weight Watchers has had an online plan for years now, but they recently changed the name.

What used to known as Weight Watchers Online, is now called Weight Watchers Digital – learn more about it here.

Digital is the most affordable plan Weight Watchers offers, if you buy it on its own.

You can also combine it with some of the other plans that we’ll talk about below, so keep that in mind as well.

If you sign up for Weight Watchers Digital, though, here are just a few of the things you can expect:

  • A Plan that is Easy to Follow
  • Keep Track of Everything with the Weight Watchers App and Online
  • More Freedom than Ever with New Freestyle Program
  • Affordable: Get started for Around $3 per Week!

If you’re looking for the best way to lose weight, stay motivated, and connect with other people who are on your same journey, then Weight Watchers Digital may be the perfect plan for you!

On top of all that, it’s also one of the most affordable weight loss options we have tried, and it’s now easier than ever with Freestyle (learn more).

Head here to learn more and to check out the latest Weight Watchers Sales.

Weight Watchers Studio (formerly Meetings) Sale

weight watchers studio

We have all heard of Weight Watchers Meetings. The meetings, along with their unique points system, is what put Weight Watchers on the map.

They a great way to connect with other Weight Watchers members, build friendships, get support, and hold yourself accountable.

Weight Watchers recently renamed their meetings, though, and they are now called Weight Watchers Studio.

Don’t worry, though, the meetings themselves haven’t changed all that much.

If you have Weight Watchers Studio available in your area, it’s a great way to keep your weight loss goals on track.

It costs just a bit more than the Digital-only plan, but it’s still affordable at just $6.92 per week. When you go to sign up, you will have to enter your zip code, and this will help Weight Watchers determine if there are studio meetings available in your area.

They may be harder to find if you live in a really small town, in which case the Digital plan is still an option, or you can go with their Coaching plan too, which offers one-one-meetings with a weight loss pro (more about these below).

Weigth Watchers Coaching Discounts

the weight watchers coaching plan

If you can afford it, and you want to work one on one with a Weight Watchers coach to reach your health goals, then their Coaching plan is the best option for you.

It normally starts around $12.69 per week, which gets you access to your own personal Weight Watchers Coach, plus everything that’s included in their Digital Plan.

When you really think about it, though, how much might you pay to work with a health coach in your town? Guessing it would cost a lot more than $12.69 per week, so this stills seems like a pretty awesome deal, in my opinion.

If you decide to go with a Weight Watchers Coach, here just a few of the extra perks you can expect to have access to:

  • An Individualized Health Plan Designed Just for You
  • One-on-One Support from Your Own Health Coach – Schedule calls, chat online, and communicate via email.
  • Everything That’s Included in the Weight Watchers Digital Plan

Weight Watchers Coaching plus Digital is their premiere plan, which explains the slightly higher price tag, but you may be able to lock in a better rate around the holidays.

one freestyle before and after story

Either way, if you’ve looking for one of the best weight loss plans in the world, this this is it!

Final Thoughts

Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss and health programs in the world, and their results speak for themselves.

With the new Freestyle program, it’s now more flexible than ever, and on top of all that it is also one of the cheapest weight loss programs that we have tried.

While they already offer super competitive pricing, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas holidays are some of the best times to save at Weight Watchers.

Follow the link below to learn more and lock in their best holiday deals:

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