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Weight Watchers is one of the best and most proven ways to lose weight, and overall it’s one of the most affordable diet plans available in the United States.

They have several options to choose from these days when you sign up, which makes it convenient for just about everyone looking to improve their health.

their new digital app

When you enroll with their program these days you can choose whether or not you want to attend meetings, or you can even just strictly go with their online plans.

They are often running different sales and promotions, and this is your one-stop resource for locking in the best discounts they’re currently offering, so be sure to check back often if you don’t find the right discount for you.

More Weight Watchers Info

There’s a lot more to learn about Weight Watchers, so if you’re brand new to their program, be sure to read our review of their traditional program and their brand new Online Plus program as well.

How to Save the Most Money with Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is one of the most affordable weight loss programs around, and there are lots of different ways that you can lock in big savings with some of their most popular programs.

If you have never been a Weight Watchers member, then you may want to know about the plans they offer, and the different ways that you can save money on them.

We have all of the details in our reviews that are linked below, but here are just a few of the plans and savings options that they currently offer:

Weight Watchers Digital (Online) Coupons

the new weight watchers programs

Weight Watchers recently changed the names of their core programs, although the basics of each pretty much stayed the same.

What was formerly known as Weight Watchers Online, has been rebranded as Weight Watchers Digital

One thing that is important to note with Weight Watchers, is that you don’t typically need a coupon or promo code to lock in their latest deals.

Whatever sale is currently being offered is usually displayed on their homepage, so when you visit their website, their most current deals should be pretty easy to spot.

Right now, Weight Watchers Digital is running about $3.07 per week, but you can bring that price down for the first month with their latest promotion.

Here are just a few of the things you have access to as a Weight Watchers Digital Member:

  • WW Digital App: This is your one-stop shop for all things Weight Watchers, but most importantly, it’s where you will track your points. 
  • Connect with Other WW Members
  • Access a Huge Catalog of Healthy Recipes
  • Get a list of points for some of the more popular restaurants out there.
  • Plus more

How to Lock in the Biggest WW Digital Savings

Right now you can join any Weight Watchers plan for free, and you don’t need a coupon to get that deal, which is nice.

If you want to save on the overall monthly cost of the digital plans, you don’t need a promo code for that either.

Basically, the more months you pay for up front, the better the deal they’re going to give you. Here’s a look at the plans and how you can save:

how to save with the weight watchers digital plans
The Latest WW Digital Plan Options

As you can see, if you buy the 6-month plan option you save the most: Right now, they’re giving you your first month fee and waving the starter fee.

The best part it, you can cancel your membership at any time.

If you just want to pay for each month as you go, then you can expect to pay around $4.07 per week.

Weight Watchers Digital + Studio (Meetings) Promos

What used to be called Weight Watchers Meetings, is now known as WW Studio. As with the Digital rebranding, the name has changed, but the core of the Studio program is essentially the same.

When it comes to WW Studio, you will want to make sure that they have the meetings in your area. If they do have them, then this is a great option to connect with other WW members in person, build friendships, and stay on track with your weight loss goals.

If you can afford the Studio option, it’s definitely worth it in our opinion.

Here are the latest Studio options: 

how to save with the weight watchers digital plans

As you can see, the more time you’re will to buy up front, the larger the savings.

Latest Weight Watchers Studio Deals

Right now, you can your first month free, plus they’ll wave the sign up fee if you sign up for their 6 month plan.

Of course, the Studio plan gives you access to everything that comes with the Digital Plan, plus you get access to the world-famous Weight Watchers Meetings.

Weight Watchers Digital Plus Personal Coaching Deals

Want to work with a Weight Watchers Coach one-on-one? This is their most personalized plan, and gives you direct access to a coach who will be with you every step of the way on your weight loss journey.

Latest WW Coaching Deals:

Here’s what the Coaching Plan was running at last check:

weight watchers personal coaching best prices

As you can tell, this is their most expensive plan, but you can still save on the starter fee if you decide to join.

The coaching plan is the perfect choice for people who have trouble sticking to their diet plan, or who have a long history of bad eating and workout habits.

If you really are committed to making permanent health changes, then this is the best way to work directly with a health pro who can get you there.

That said, it’s their most expensive plan, and both of their other weight loss plans have been proven to help reach their weight loss goals as well, so you really can’t go wrong with any of the Weight Watchers plans, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

Right now, there are plenty of options for you to choose from at Weight Watchers, and they are offering some great deals to get you started.

The best part is, you don’t need a coupon to lock in huge savings! Just follow the link below, and you’ll connect with the latest Weight Watchers deals instantly:

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