The New Weight Watchers Recipes for 2017 & Where to Find Them

Countless people are in the same boat as you – you may be carrying around extra pounds that drain your energy and the ability to live up to your full potential. Luckily, if you do happen to be in that boat, Weight Watchers is there to help, their full line of weight loss and diet options, they can help you find the support necessary to transform your current unhealthy lifestyle into one that centers around total health and wellness.

Weight Watchers Recipes

Helping you pick the right foods to eat is at the center of what Weight Watchers is all about. They make this possible through their one-of-a-kind points system (more on that in our full Weight Watchers review), and by helping you make healthier choices when it comes to deciding what foods you should and should not eat. When you sign up with Weight Watchers, you will get instant access to a whole suite of tools, tips, and advice, but you will also have an opportunity to browse their library of more than 4,000 Weight Watchers recipes. Below, we’ll detail exactly what makes these recipes so great for weight loss, and list a few of favorites from their comprehensive food catalog.

On top of that, you can select from three different plans in order to meet with other people in your community who have been where you are. These support groups include many who have achieved their goals who are willing to work as coaches as well as members like yourself who are ready to make a positive change.

Weight Watchers has established an amazing reputation over the years, and they have been around for decades – helping men and women from all walks of life to redefine their relationships with food. While they do offer a wide range of prepackaged foods for those times when you cannot cook your own meals, they also teach you how to cook for yourself.

In order to get the most from their recipes, you need to understand how the system works. Although they have changed the system over the years, the concepts are always similar and based on making it simple for you to understand how the foods you select will impact your health.

The specifics of the program are explained in the introductory package. Foods are assigned values and you will make your selections based in part on the total number of SmartPoints you have for that meal. Your coach and support team will help you to understand how to calculate these, and your FitPoints.

The leaders at your meetings will almost always be people who have been in your shoes, giving you an invaluable resource for support. In addition to the recipes that you can find online, these men and women are sure to have some delicious suggestions for you to try as well.

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The Best Weight Watchers Recipes?

For those who think that Weight Watchers recipes are going to consist of a bunch of lettuce or exotic foods from across the globe touted to have weight loss benefits, that is not the case. The fact is that their long-standing reputation for successful members is due to the real foods that you can eat while on their weight loss and maintenance plans.

As you can see, they have numerous options for different foods that you can make, and they have you covered for every meal or snack of the day. The images above are just a small sampling of the recipe guides and options that they offer on, so if you want access to their more than 4,000 recipe options, give them a visit!

One of our Favorite Recipes:


For instance, if you want to make a delicious chicken dish for company, why not try the “Chicken and Fennel in Rosemary-Wine Broth” recipe featured on their website. This tasty dish takes only 40 minutes for preparation and cooking time. Best of all, your guests will have no idea that they are eating a popular Weight Watchers dish.

weight watchers chicken

There are several things that make this dish stand out, including the use of freshly chopped rosemary. The fennel fronds are reserved for an attractive and unique garnish that makes the dish appear elegant and well-thought out.

By using boneless skinless chicken breasts, the fat content remains low and allows the flavoring agents to take over the dish. Red wine and onions join the rosemary and minced garlic to make each bite of this moderately difficult dish a delight to taste.

Their website has plenty of other delightful dishes for you to choose from, including more than two dozen Chinese classics. Imagine losing weight while dining on a freshly made Asian Beef Salad or Asian Skillet Shrimp and Sugar Snap Peas.

Other Food Choices:

Many people already realize that the people in China have health knowledge that the Western world is only beginning to understand. That knowledge has influenced the foods that have been served in China for centuries. By including several of these recipes into your regular diet, you will help ensure your good health using foods that have kept Chinese men and women healthy throughout history.

For instance, the Chili Beef and Broccoli is made with fresh broccoli and onions. Each of these provides special nutrients that your body needs. Onions are great for cleansing the blood and digestive tract while broccoli brings fiber, vitamins, and minerals to the plate. Along with the protein-rich lean beef that is used in the recipe, you are getting a great source of nutrition in this easy to make dish.

You can even prepare the Easy Fried Rice in a larger batch so you are prepared for a Chinese take-out meal for work the next day! Of course, you might want more than just chicken and Chinese fare to keep you going. And, the fine folks at Weight Watchers have plenty of other choices for you.

Can You Eat Dessert?

Among the other recipes featured on the site are several with classic favorite, chocolate. After all, who doesn’t love some tasty chocolate after a long day at work? Rather than purchasing the unhealthy offerings at your local supermarket, fast food joint or mini mart, you can easily create some of these delicious recipes in your own kitchen.

Take them on the go with you so that you always have something to snack on. If you have others in the home who are not on the Weight Watchers plan, you might want to mark your special chocolate goodies so that they are left alone. On the other hand, you might want to encourage other family members to eat healthier, even if it starts with better dessert choices!

Have you ever heard of a diet that lets you eat German chocolate cake? Well, not only does the Weight Watchers plan let you, their official website has an amazing recipe for Double German Chocolate Mini Cupcakes that is sure to satisfy your craving for the sweet coconut and chocolate concoction with the nutty accompaniment.

By using fresh ingredients and making miniature versions of the dessert, you can have a significantly healthier alternative to the cakes sold in the stores. The points plan allows you to figure out exactly what you should do to work these delightful treats into your meal plans.

For your beverage dreams, you can check out the Malted Milk Mudslide Shooters which are a chocolate lovers delight! White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Fudgy Chocolate Cake are also on their recipe offering list for chocolate ideas.

Join to Access Their Full Catalog of Recipes

Once you join the plan, you will have unlimited access to these and other fantastic recipes on the site. The company has established an amazing reputation due to their excellent plans.

Rather than chasing around strange fad foods, these meals are based in scientifically sound and proven principles regarding balanced eating. By following it, you will get the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet. Not only that, you will maintain the appropriate levels of activity to keep yourself in shape.

The support system that comes with the Weight Watchers plan is an invaluable tool that can make a tremendous difference in your success. Don’t you deserve to do everything that you can to encourage your weight loss and maintenance efforts?

Take a look at the Weight Watchers plans and find out where people meet in your area. You are sure to appreciate the support you find, including access to online Weight Watchers recipes and resources. If you compare this plan to others that are around today, you will quickly realize that this is one of the longest standing and best-reputed programs that exists in the weight loss community.

The reason is because it works. Make this your time to finally achieve your desires. Use the Weight Watchers recipes and support systems to get you through your weight loss and help you to achieve a new plan in your life based on the health and wellness that you deserve!

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