Weight Watchers Reviews & Cost [2018] Better Results with the New Points System?

Weight Watchers has become an internationally renowned name for weight loss. It is a heralded solution and one that’s been refined over the years to meet modern-day requirements.

This review will take an in-depth look at the Weight Watchers diet program to help you decide if it’s a robust solution for those wanting to shed fat. Does it work well or will it falter as soon as it’s put to the test? Let’s find out…

Key Features

1) Membership Diet Program for Weight Loss (No Cancellation Fees)
2) Designed to Simplify Weight Loss
3) Provides In-Depth Program with Dietary Requirements
4) Points System Established to Value Each Food Item
5) Full Food and Activity Tracking Offered
6) Access to World-Class Community
7) Personalized Goals are Established Beforehand
8) 24/7 Online Support (Chat)
9) Regular Exclusive Content to Aid Weight Loss
10) Syncs with All Fitness Trackers

How Weight Watchers Works

Weight Watchers operates on a Smart Points system, which is tailored to your specific needs, including weight loss and exercise goals.

Let’s move towards how the Weight Watchers diet program actually works. This is a detailed program created to personalize and optimize weight loss for each person. A person has three membership plans to choose from (OnlinePlus, Meetings, or Personal Coaching – read our full review about these) and a set price is provided for each plan. Once your plan is chosen, you’ll have access to all of the crucial information that you’ll need to begin the program.

It’s important to take a close look at each plan and see which one best fits your needs and wants before moving forward.

Each plan is built on the premise of a full lifestyle change called, Beyond the Scale meaning more than just food-based changes. It takes an all-encompassing look towards shedding fat with diet, exercise and making regular choices. This is how they go Beyond the Scale.

To influence this, Weight Watchers offers a points system which will be discussed later on in this review. The basic premise of this points system is to help you make smart and easy choices when it comes to the foods you eat. With their easy to follow points guide, crafting a menu for the day is easier than ever.

There are recipes provided for each plan, and these can be applied as directed in the program. It saves time and ensures a person is eating foods based on what’s required. It will also enable a person to remain on track at all times without taking risks or losing efficiency. There are more than a thousand recipes on offer for those wanting to lose weight. This provides ample variety for a person looking to shed fat for the first time in their life. It’s one of the reasons the Weight Watchers program is preferred by people who are brand new to making healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

There are “weekly meetings” provided to all members making it easier to lose weight faster and stick with your goals. The goal of these meetings is to provide support and further customize the experience through swapping tips and provide in-depth advice on optimizing this program. The meetings also help you connect with other people just like you, so you can relate with others who are in a similar situation.

It can add a new edge to what the program provides and this is a positive for most beginners who are still getting their feet wet and might want to speed up their results. In fact, a study showed people who were attending these weekly meetings saw a boost in their weight loss.

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The Points System

The Points System is easy to follow and keeps track of the foods you eat, and how much exercise you are getting.

The points system has been a vital component of the Weight Watchers program for many years now, and they have recently released a new version of it called Smart Points. This is a brand new addition by Weight Watchers as part of their diet program and plays a key role to how it’s organized. The premise of the points system is to place a value on each food item or ingredient. This is added up to create a set point-based target a person has to hit every day. So in basic terms

The reason for this points system is to simplify weight loss.

Most people get lost because the general “caloric intake” data isn’t as easy to understand. By looking at the points system, it becomes simpler to get down to business and start losing weight. They have points for each ingredient and recipe in the program. They also provide value on activities based on time spent doing it (i.e. walking). This is called FitPoints.

This is also great news for folks who are using fitness trackers as there is more data to use and optimize.

The points system provides context to each decision made during your day-to-day life, and that’s critical when hoping to see results, and to maintaining them. Most people get confused as they’re going through the motions and that leads to quitting or giving up easily. Counting calories can get complicated, and old after a while, which why is why the Fit Point system is so awesome – it really does make it easier to plan your meals, and decide what you can and can’t eat – the longer you use the points system, these decisions start to happen naturally, so eventually you should be able to make healthy eating choices, without even needing to refer to the points.

Eating a hamburger at lunch cost me 8 points for the day.

One thing I love about the points is that you have an exact number that you have to hit each and every day. This makes it pretty clear what you can and cannot eat. Or, if you’re really want to have a sweet treat in the evening, then it allows you to “budget” your points over the course of the day, so you can make room for a slice of birthday cake that evening.

How it Helps You Lose Weight

The most important question a person will have before using a program of this nature is how it helps them lose weight. Does it do a good job of losing weight?

The beauty of this system is its ability to organize each component of one’s life and provide considerable freedom at the same time. Most weight loss programs can be restrictive, and that’s why it’s important to appreciate the nuances of Weight Watchers diet program.

It’s designed to help you lose weight with a sense of creativity that’s often unheard of. The points system is excellent and makes sure each component is organized based on its point-based values. As long as a person follow these point-based values and hits their daily targets, the results will come.

The 1000+ recipes are an excellent addition to the weight loss program as the goal is to eat nutrient-dense foods and retain one’s weight loss goals. It’s all about attention to detail with this program, and it does a great job of hitting all established targets for one’s weight loss requirements.

The well-tested aspect of this weight loss program is the all-encompassing look into what’s best for one’s day-to-day routine.

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Weight Watchers vs. the Competition 

What about other diet plans on the market for a person wanting to lose weight? How does Weight Watchers diet program compare to these options?

The main options include:

1) Nutrisystem
2) The South Beach Diet
3) The Mayo Clinic Diet

These are the top three diets alongside Weight Watchers diet program:

Nutrisystem and Medifast are two of our top-rated diet plans and are the leaders when it comes to meal delivery diets. They differ from Weight Watchers slightly, in the Weight Watchers only cost $19.99 to sign up, and doesn’t require you to purchase any food up front. Weight Watchers is more of a lifestyle plan, really, whose main goal is to set you up for long-term health and weight loss. Jenny Craig is probably more comparable, when it comes down to it we would go with Weight Watchers when deciding between the two.


In the end, the Weight Watchers diet program is the ultimate solution for those wanting to lose weight. They’ve revolutionized what it means to lose weight, and this puts them right at the top.

Among all comparable options, this really is as good as it gets.

For most weight loss experts, this continues to be a leading weight loss solution, and it’s easy to see why. The Weight Watchers diet program is an all-encompassing, robust solution for those wanting quality now and in the future.

The points system, freedom of choices, and overall quality is hard to ignore. It’s a must for those who are serious about wanting to shed fat and want to do it properly. Visit the official WeightWatchers.com website to learn more.

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