youngevity review and pricing info

Youngevity Reviews & Pricing Info

Imagine waking up each morning and feeling as youthful and invigorated like never before. Imagine living the rest of your life in the warm glow of excellent health, countless opportunities and even the promise of substance and prosperity.

What we are describing is the vision that Youngevity has for you and the world.

What is Youngevity?

Youngevity is a technologically advanced company dedicated to improving the health and lives of their clients and coworkers through highly nutritious foods and better lifestyles.

This is accomplished through a special network of providers and possibilities of employment, income and endless opportunities.

Youngevity has been in operations since 1997, marketing good health and nutrition through top quality products.

Youngevity Life-Enhancing Products

healthy brain and heart pak

Dr. Wallach envisioned a line of products that were all designed with healthy living in mind.

It is hard to tell where toxins and chemicals are coming from, so a great many products designed with healthy living in mind have been produced by the Youngevity manufacturers.

These include premium coffee blends, gourmet food products and even fashion and makeup created to enhance health and beauty.

Then there is jewelry, special mementos, and keepsakes as well as some splendid gift ideas for many different occasions.

Here are the product categories Youngevity currently sells:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Home & Family
  • Food & Beverage
  • Spa & Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Essential Oils

Within each of these categories, they have a bunch of great products to choose from. Here are few of the more popular products they currently sell:

ultimate cm cream

  • Healthy Body Weight Loss Pak
  • Healthy Body Bone and Joint Pak
  • Ultimate CM Cream
  • BTT 2.0 Tablets
  • Imortalium
  • Beyond Tangy Tangerine
  • On-the-Go Healthy Body Start Pak
  • BTT 2.0 Citrus Peach Fusion
  • Keto 90 Pak
  • and Much More!

Of course, this is just a small sample of the Yougevity products currently for sale. They have a bunch of other great options too, so be sure to check out the official Youngevity website to find the right health products or supplements for you.

What is their Mission?

It has become the Youngevity mission to provide their friends and partners with all the information they need to make healthy decisions about their life and lifestyles.

And it’s not just advice provided by Youngevity but action too, this is the only food marketing organization to petition the US FDA to establish accurate claims about several important nutritious compounds.

a bottle of youngevity detox cleanse

Essentially, Youngevity has made it a mission not only to care for the health and well-being of friend’s, clients and associates but to care about their personal comfort as well.

To this end, they have improved a selection of healthy foods and nutritious products with a wide range of lifestyle-enhancing products and even a line of fashion designed for better living.

These products include mineral-based makeup varieties that have healthy properties and even therapeutic essential oils that can keep the consumer safe from harmful chemicals so profuse in today’s society.

So, what causes an organization in this materialistic day and age make sacrifices and invest in ways that no other organization in our industry will? Simple, the extra efforts they make and the costs they shoulder are all done for the sakes of friends, clients, and associates.

Socially responsible efforts improve lives and thereby it improves the world as a whole. It’s a needed job and someone has to do it.

Besides all eyes are on this corporation and their unique business system. Youngevity works hard to prove that the generous, responsible and ethical approach to business is always the best.

They will continue on the same, fighting to improve the health and lives of all we can and encourage others to joins them in their mission and higher purpose.

Where was the Idea Born?

While the idea of being a world changer is hardly a new notion, very few people actually find a way to begin influencing their part of the world for the better. Dr. Joel Wallach is the founder of Youngevity and has worked for almost 50 years to better the health of those around him and has enriched so many lives.

It is Dr. Wallach’s vision for better health that has inspired the “90 for Life” plan for lifelong nutrition as well as a great many other products offered by Youngevity.

What’s the 90 for Life Plan?

youngevity 90 for life logo

According to Dr. Joel Wallach, your body needs 90 essential nutrients to maintain an optimal function.

With a proper balance of all of these nutrients, it is quite possible to ward off and even reverse the harshest of physical conditions that plague the modern human.

But even getting these nutrients is not enough, proper bodily function is everything when it comes to fully absorbing the nutrients that are found in our foods and this is why healthy eating and healthy living must go hand in hand.

And so, a special line products were designed to improve health and promote healthier lifestyles, and they’re called the 90 for Life line of products.

Get the full 90 For Life details here.

Final Thoughts

air purifying system

At Youngevity, it is their business to help people reach their goals of better living in every way possible.

This includes providing a powerful business opportunity for sales representatives that can help turn a life around and set it on the path to longer life and greater personal satisfaction as well.

To do this Youngevity can combine their sales representatives’ desires to change with a never-seen-before business initiative that has already created several multi-millionaire earners in the few short years it has been in operations.

It will allow the participant to go as far as they want as fast as they can make their dreams realities.

The idea is to improve lives and provide a lucrative employment opportunity. Those who wish to join can begin as sales representatives working to promote this top-quality product and life-changing lifestyle. Youngevity actually offers one of the best compensation plans seen in this industry.

Distributors will have the chance to make limitless amounts of cash limited only by their creativity and will to progress towards their goals.

As part of the Youngevity Family, they will receive all products at -30% what they would cost retail price. Furthermore, representatives can also earn cash bonuses from sharing Youngevity products.